Thursday, February 10, 2011


¡maiteipa! ¿mbaécichapa peiko?

Wow, I feel like so much has happened within these past ten days! I was happy to see my inbox full of emails and getting the update on all of you. Yay.

Okay....we had transfers on Wednesday. I am training again! Hermana Lewis from Boise Idaho. She is great! She is an elemenatary ed major at BYUI and is way excited to be here. Her Spanish is...coming along! She'll pick it up in no time. Sometimes she just looks at me and is like what did they just say?! And okay, here is the thing...I'm still in the process of training Hermana Paipa as well. Yes, we are in a trio! It's kinda crazy. I actually found out at the leadership training meeting we had last week. I think President Callan wanted to give me a heads up and prepare. There is a total of 14 sisters in our mission it's not like we have an odd number and have to have trios but President Callan said after much fasting and prayer he felt like this is what he needed to do. So we are in a trio. Really, I'm totally up for it! Learning a lot from the both of them. And so far it's been a lot of fun to have two comps. I was in a threesome in the MTC so I'll be ending my mission the way I started it. It makes it a lot easier too because both Hna Paipa and Lewis are great girls!

Okay. The leadership training conference we had last week was awesome. Itt was basically all morning and afternoon and I learned a ton! We spent a ton of time doing practices and learning how we should better teach some of the doctrine and encourage our investigators to do their part. It was way cool because President Callan did lots of practices and examples so we could learn from him and participate with him in the practices. Like I said, I learned tons. Now I'm just really trying to focus in on what he taught us and apply them in our lessons.

Okay, so it looks like we'll be having a baptism on the 19th. Renato is like Mr. missionary now and wants us to teach all of his friends. Um, okay! Fine with us! We are teaching his 14 yr old friend/neighbor Josue. We taught him for the first time last Monday...we explained the restoration to him and then asked if he had any questions. He asked, "how can I become a member of your church? When can I be baptized?" Wow! Talk about a golden investigator! That's like the question we want every investigator to ask! He has already been to the church 3 times and loves it. Today he left on a YM camping trip with all the other YM and is already way good buds with them. We are excited about him! We are just waiting on his dad's permission....but it looks like everything will be okay!

Mom mentioned something about a cold front up there in Az. It's been so much cooler down here too! Cloudy, not hot. I've been loving it.

So, with Hna Lewis as a companion now we have an hour of language study each morning and not just 30 minutes. I'm going to take advantage of it and learn some more Guarani! Or at least try. It's seriously hard but I want to learn more while I'm here. This morning I was studying Guarani, Hna Lewis was studying Spanish and Hna Paipa, English. We were all trying to do was funny. There is def a mixture of langagues going on.

Okay. Well family, I love you all lots. Can't believe I am now in my last transfer of the mission. Where has the time gone? Everyone is asking me how I feel, and really, I feel normal. I don't feel like next month I'll be going to my house. Hasn't hit me yet. But it's all good. I'm happy to be here in Paraguay. But, when the time comes, I will be so excited to move on. I know that there is life after the mission and that everything will be okay. Ha!

Okay, I'll be writing on Monday!
The church is true! God lives, knows and loves us. Have a great weekend!

CYNTHIAS BAPTISM that was on January 29th! (and Tobias' almost baptism!)

All the hermanas from last change...

Future missionaries from Amambay...Leila and Renato least I hope they both serve!

Me with my two trainees!! Yeahhhhh!

Our threesome eating some avacado and brazillian mango last night.....
they're huge huh???!!! We picked them off the trees!!

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