Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey! How are you all? Happy Valentines Day!!

So bascially being in a threesome is awesome and the work is going great. Loving the mish. We are having a lot of fun together.

Yesterday we had a four investigators come to church. And Josue, who is Renato's friend, will be getting baptized this Saturday! Yay!

We are teaching a couple great families. One is a young couple who we met on Friday night. They asked us question after question...alot of "questions of the soul", how will God answer our prayers? Why does God allow suffering and destruction to good people? etc. We had a great lesson with them. Taught about the restoration and through the Book of Mormon, we answered their questions. We have another appointment tonight which we are looking forward to.

The other family is way great but they have a lot of social doubts...since all their family and friends are in a different religion. We visited them yesterday because they didn't come to church after commiting that they'd go. They were explaining to us how it was going to be difficult for them because of their family and friends...I was just like Hermano and Hermana, it looks like you are asking every one for their opinion except for one very important person--you need to pray, ask God and listen to His answer! This is one thing we are really focusing on as a mission is to get people down on their knees and pray so they can receive personal revelation. They told us they pray so hopefully they'll recognize their answer and progress.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned about the Koreans here in Asuncion. There are randomly a lot. It's funny, because they all know Spanish but when we go up to contact them they act like they don't speak Spanish and only talk to us in Korean. ugh!

Tomorrow we have zone conference. I'm totally looking forward to it! This will be my last one..crazy.

Okay. There is like a full out mosquito attack here in Paraguay. I'm not kidding. They are everywhere. Saturday I thought I had Dengue Fever. There are a lot of cases of it here and all of a sudden Saturday morning I felt so fever, aches, nausea, the works. We went to a pharmacy to ask them about something I could take and they told me that it looked like I had Dengue and needed to go to the doctor. No! Seriously, I wanted to cry. I always think of worse case scenarios and imagined me in some third world status hospital getting my blood drawn. Ew. ha! But I called Hermana Callan and asked her what I should do. She said it's most likely that I just had a virus of some sort and told me to do a liquid diet and drink lots of Sprite. So that's what I did. After about 24 hours I was totally fine. Thank goodness!! Saturday was not fun, but I'm totally fine now. So BG!

So there is a scripture that I love. 1 nephi 17:51. I love Nephi's attitude and his own family members were doubting him and making fun of him, etc... but he was just like hey, the Lord has helped me out this far, I'm pretty sure He can help me make a ship! I feel like we can really relate to this. Yes, we have trials and challenges and sometimes some things seem impossible. But if we think about and recognize the tender mercies and help and miracles we've seen and received from the Lord throughout our lives it is evident that He can and will help us out as long as we are doing what He asks us to. I love 1 Nephi!

Well, already did our grocery shopping and are going to head back to the apartment. Hna Lewis and I want to bake something...she wants to make banana bread with chocolate chunks so I think thats what we'll do..yum!

I love you all so much. Thank you for constant support and love.
I pray for you all daily.

Have a great week and I'll be writing next Monday!

¡La iglesia es verdadera! ¡Somos tan bendicidos por tener el evangelio en nuestras vidas!

Me with my comps

Me with's funny how the little kids draw me like totally blonde! Ha!

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