Monday, February 21, 2011


Saturday was baptism day! 14 year old Josue was baptized! Okay, so his mom is way involved in another religion and honestly, is kinda of an interesting woman. She is always telling us about dreams and visions she has had. She told us that she had a vision where the Lord showed her all the good people and told showed her that we were okay for her son to be talking to and that Renato was a good guy too. So, because she had her dream she allowed her son to be baptized. The baptism went great on Saturday....well, we always have problems with filling up the font and last minute people calling us telling us they can't give the talk or prayer.....ugh...but I guess just that's how it is sometimes! After being baptized Josue shared his testimony and said that he feels really happy and has finally found the peace that he had been looking for. Wow! He's a special kid.

Funny story. This past Monday we had an appointment with Josue. We were just sitting out in his yard and he came out with a little bouquet of roses and was like there is a rose for each one of you....because it was Valentines Day! Haha! He was like "my mom wants me to give them to you" . So cute. But oh man, I'm sure he felt as awkward as can be giving roses to the sister missionaries. Ha! We still have them in our apartment. I sent you the pic of us with the roses...Hna paipa thinks we look like we're in some Miss Universe Pageant or something but missionary style! We got a good laugh out of it.

We had zone conference this past Tuesday. Like always, it was awesome and I really enjoyed it. The Stake President here in the Asuncion stake came and spoke to us. He talked about how as missionaries there are two things that are essential for us to and the spirit. He also focused his thoughts on how we can work with and strengthen the members. Also, I loved what President Callan spoke on...we all had our New Testaments open and we read from and focused on certain stories and parables of Christ's life and how they relate to the missionary work. It was awesome to hear his insights and thoughts on these scriptures. Also, since that was my last zone conference I had the opportunity to share my testimony with everyone there. Seriously, I remember when I first got here I thought that the time would never come for me to stand at the pulpit and share my testimony...and now it's already come and gone. Basically, love zone conferences. I learn so much and really try to apply everything we learn into the daily tasks of the missionary work.

Still enjoying the threesome. Hermana Lewis and I get along way well. It's fun getting to know her better and seeing all of her first reactions to this foreign country! One of the advantages to having a threesome is that we can have a member come with us and we can do splits...more lessons, more people!

We seem to really be finding and teaching alot of youth who are interested. Their parents...not so much. For instance, we were sharing with a 14 year old girl, Claudia, who we've been teaching for a week or so now. We asked if she wanted to invite her mom to come listen so she did. However, her mom didn't want to and shouted out "I'm Catholic. I don't want to play with God." Umm...eeek. But, we continue to teach Claudia and other youth as well. We have 4 people who are preparing for baptism in March and they are all under 20 years old! I'm amazed at their desire to do good and learn.

People are giving us those huge avocados right and left and now we are pro's at making good. If only we had tortilla chips! We have to eat it with other things. But it's all good.

Well, I think that's about it from here in Asuncion. I'm happy to be here and to be a missionary. I love to share the gospel with the people every day.

I love you all lots! Thank you for everything! Have a great week!! Be happy!
Our Valentine's roses--haha

Me and Hna Lewis eating chipa....a traditional Paraguayan food thats pretty yummy! We were coming back from zone conference and like always, some guy got on the bus and had a big basket and was selling chipa....Hna Lewis hadn't tried it yet so we bought one!

Baptism of Josue...Renato baptized.

Street in Amambay after a rain storm!

With some members

Here in downtown!

Here in downtown!

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