Monday, January 31, 2011


Que tal? Can you believe that today is the last day of January! I can't! This month has passed by super fast!

Okay, this week has been a good one....Saturday was baptism day! Yay! Cynthia was baptized! Okay, so hna Paipa and I filled the font up on Thursday and all was good to go. However, Saturday morning we just happened to pass by the chapel and there were a ton of people inside doing some heavy duty cleaning. Seriously, it was like a disaster. And to top everything off, they had emptied the font. NO! We thought we were all prepared and ready to go, but no! It takes about 2 to 3 hours to fill up the font so luckily we happened to pass by the chapel that morning. If not, I don't know what would have happened. Eek. But anyways, the people cleaning told us they would take care of it and refill the font. Well, they did fill it up but the water was like river status. Filthy. Something is like wrong with the pipe. But, everything else went good! Cynthia is SUPER happy! And actually, we've been teaching her 9 yr old nephew, Tobias,who now lives with them. He almost got baptized on Saturday as well. I say almost because yes, he had his interview with the Elder, was dressed in white, but when it was his turn to enter the water he totally had a panick attack. Seriously, we along with everyone else, were trying to get him in the water for like thirty minutes but we had no luck. Ugh! It was crazy. Lots of Paraguayans are afraid of water because they aren't used to it. No beach, no pools, etc. so ya, Tobias was traumatized to say the least. He would not get in. But, hopefully we can get him in the font soon! I think if we have clean water in the font it would help!

Last Tuesday our district meeting was awesome. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and its role in the missionary work. At the end of our meeting our district leader invited us one by one to share our testimonies about the Book of Mormon. It was a powerful, spiritual meeting. The spirit was strong. I love the Book of Mormon.

Okay, last Tuesday after the meeting we were on the bus coming back to our area. I was sitting down and looking out the window when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked and sitting across the aisle and one row back from me was a 40ish year old man offering me Terere...the traditional Paraguayan drink. (it's like mate but cold). Everyone here carries around their thermals and drink Terere all day. I politely said no gracias to him. Then he started to ask if I was here in Paraguay working. I began to tell him how we were missionaries. He said he knew about the church but had never seen an Hermana before, only Elders. Afterwards, I pulled out a pamphlet about the restoration and began to explain a little bit to him. He told me he would like to attend the church and learn more. Okay! I wrote down his name and direction to pass along the reference to the Elders where he lives. It was cool to share with him! I love riding the bus because we get to talk to people from all different parts of Paraguay! and plant seeds so that other missionaries can teach them in the future!

Hermana Paipa is doing and good and continuing to learn the ropes of the mission. at times she tells me she feels way inadequate to be amissionary. I'm pretty sure that's normal for every new missionary. And honestly, at times I still feel like that! I think we feel like that so we keep ourselves humble and realize we need the Lords help in every moment. One thing that she is really struggling with more than normal is the weather. She is so not used to the hot summer weather. It seems to really be taking a toll on her. In her city she says maximum it reaches 80 degrees. NADA! This past week there were a couple days here where it reached over 110 with 80 percent humidity. HOT! The Elders here in Amambay with us were sick in bed for 3 days because of the sun. Eek! For me, ya, it' hot..but I don't know, I think I'm kinda used to it now. We are just drinking and drinking so much water, it's crazy! I just hope neither one of us get sick. I don't want to be inside all day. I'm super excited for this week because tomorrow we have district mtg. and then Wednesday we have a leadership training meeting with President Callan. It's for the zone leaders, district leaders and trainers. I'm looking forward to it! Should be pretty neat!

Transfers are next week. Yes, this change is coming to an end! Wow! Hermana Rencher...from Dyan's ward, ends her mission this change. Crazy! So...the next time I'll be writing is next Thursday!!

I wanted to send a pic off of Cynthias baptism but this computer isn't letting me. Ugh! I'll have to next week!

Well, we are going to head back to the apt to each lunch. I bought all the ingredients to make a bunch of banana bread to take to all the people who helped out with and participated in the baptism!

Yesterday the Bishop gave the 3rd hour class all about the scripture found in D&C 64:33. I love this scripture. We can't let ourselves bet tired, lazy or be less dedicated....endure!!

Okay fam. I love you all tons. I hope you have a great week. I pray for you all daily. Thank you for your love and support.

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