Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey! How are you?! Maiteipa?! So, I'm having problems with my church email....I guess I'm officially not in the system anymore so I can't log in! How weird. I think the people in SLC think I'm home already. Not yet. So, I have permission to use my gmail account for the remainder of my mission.

Okay. Just read moms! ROBS....CONGRATS!!! I'm super super excited for you! I'll totally help you out out with your Spanish to prep you for the summer! and how cool that your "brother" will come here and we'll be able to speak Spanish with him too! Sweet!

And okay....NAT.....BYU???!!!! WOW! Congrats! You def have some big decisions to make now :) I say...go to BYU this summer.....I would like to find a job and work in we could be close! And then, once you've turned 21, after this summer you can go on a mission!!! Just my input :)

Okay. Things are going good here. Honestly, right now I can't even really remember what happened exactly throughout the week! But okay, one of the highlights was that yesterday we had a fireside with President Arnold who is the Area President...he's over Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. It was definitely a great opportunity to go and hear him and his wife speak! There were lots of people there. President Arnold spoke alot about topics regarding to the restoration and then told us that he wanted to tell us 3 things he would tell to his children....1. Have a testimony of God. 2. Get an education and continue to study and 3.Understand the importance of a temple marriage. It was way awesome! I was so glad we were able to go!

The weather here has been so nice this past week. Well, lots of rain...but the temperature has totally dropped. It's reminding me of CA weather or something. Love it. We haven't been using our AC as much at night and we've actually had to shower with hot water in the mornings! It's been a while since that has happened!

Okay. Our investigators are....good. At times it's hard because they just don't progress how we'd like them to! But, we do have a couple that are progressing. Angel and Magali. They both have been to church several times and just need to get baptized now! We are really trying to help them keep their commitments and understand the importance and need for baptism.

Mom asked about a couple families that I had mentioned a while back. One of the families...we aren't visiting anymore. They basically told us not to because their family is from another church, etc. However, the other family we are continuing to visit. They are was humble and awesome. The only thing is, it's hard to find them in their house! However, this past week we had an awesome appointment with them. We focused on the Atonement of Christ and how it helps us repent and fulfill our purpose here on earth. The brother was just like looking at us as we talked and it seemed to just click in his mind. We are hoping to find them in their house tonight to teach them again.

Okay. I just have to tell you this. Yesterday we went to eat lunch with Jose and Leila and their mom had made baked potatoes! It was my first baked potatoe in such a long time and I was so excited!! Funny huh! and speaking of food, for lunch today we are going to make Hna Paipa french toast. She's never had it and Hna Lewis and I were talking about it the other day!

So cute. This week we received a text from Josue, our recent convert. He invited us to an FHE he had planned in his house with some of the other youth. It made me so happy. He loves the church and the gospel and is progressing well!

So we are now inviting people that we meet to be baptized the 26th of March. It's weird.

Okay family. I love you all sooo much! Thanks for your love and continous support! I feel like so much is going on at home! Lots of good and fun things! Makes me happy.

Have a great week. The church is true. I love being a missionary and teaching the truth each day!

Me....with fresh cut bangs...did it myself!

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