Monday, January 24, 2011


Wow! Another week has passed by. I'm SOOO happy that Jayda made her entrance this past week and that she is healthy. And not to mention, SOO cute. Ah, can't wait to meet her! Congrats to the Fagrell family!

Right now we are in downtown. It's been a lot of fun this morning. We strolled around the plazas and streets for a couple hours, shopped and did some bargaining in all the little markets, toured around some of the historical palaces and sites and have taken a ton of pics. Everytime I come here I just love the city vibe. Can't wait to show it off to mom, dad and Nat!

The work is moving forward and we are continuing to see miracles. Yesterday we had six people at church. It was awesome. Cynthia came for the third time and will be getting baptized this Saturday afternoon. She is super excited, and we are too! I made her a cute little countdown chart to her baptism that is up on her wall and everyday she tears off a piece....and now it's finally getting close! We are also working with a mom, Emilia and her kids. Emilia is great. They live in a very, very humble home. She is very open to learning and understands the need for repentance and to be baptized. She wants to be baptized but there is one problem...she isn't married. Her and her "husband" have been together for like 25 years now but have never gotten married. This is very common in Paraguay. Her husband is very closed and doesn't like sharing with us. But, we are trying! Her 22 yr old daughter, Karen, is a history major in college and way smart...we are teaching her as well. I really enjoy teaching her because she just doesn't say "que lindo" all the time but has questions for us about the Apostasy and the Book of Mormon. Really wants to learn and understand. She came to church as well and one of the speakers in Sacrament meeting was talking a lot about baptisms for the dead...that kind of threw Karen off and she has a lot more questions added to her list now. But, they really are great people and they will continue to progress!

This morning I finished the Book of Mormon. As I was reading Moroni's promise I couldn't help but feel a literal power that comes from the Book of Mormon. There was one part that particularly stood out to me this morning where Moroni basically tells us all to remember how merciful the Lord has been to us all-from the time of the creation until now. We can see that time after time in the Book of Mormon how the Lord is very merciful and loving towards the people in many different situations. As well as to us in these latter days. I think at times we think, or at least I do, that the Lords mercy is when we repent. This is the ultimate act of mercy which we gain through His atonement. However, as I was studying today, I realized that each day we receive His mercy. Every little blessing we receive is an act of mercy. Moroni wants us to realize this, ponder it and remember it. Our lives really are filled with tender mercies from the Lord.

Well family. I really don't have too much to say. Things are going good down here. Don't worry, haven't had any more scary incidents with crazies on the street. We're being extra careful.

This week will be a good and busy one as we get everything set up for Cynthias baptism this weekend. We asked a bunch of members to help us out with it at church yesterday and everyone is willing to help which is always good. Renato is going to baptize her which will be awesome! He is like the official baptizer in the ward these days.

I hope you all know how much I love you. Thank you for your constant support and examples to me!
All decked out in my indian gear!

Looking at typical paraguayan dresses in a little street market
Hermana Paipa and I this morning in downtown by the historic palace

Yes, thats a frog! They are huge here in Paraguay!!

Me with Dulce and Cynthia (who's going to be bapitzed). They were playing in a YW handball tournament at the church!

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