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Okay, this week has been achallenging one but awesome all at the same time. Let's see, heres what's been going on....

Tuesday headed to the office for interviews with President Callan. Wow, it was by far the best interview I have had with him. We spent about twenty minutes talking and it was just good. He is awesome and so inspired. So in tune with the spirit. I felt like it was a one on one training session. We talked a lot about goals and what I've done here in my mission and what I want to accomplish in the next two months. He talked with me a lot about Hermana Paipa and the responsibility to help mold her into a successful missionary. I went in with some questions and really, he answered all of them without me even having to ask. It was a great interview. Got me charged up again!

Okay. Throughout each week we work alot. We're outside teaching and talking with people each day from 10:30 to 9:30. Each day we are helping people, inviting people, and encouraging people to make commitments,keep commitments and follow the example of Jesus Christ. On Sunday, it's like the test to see exactly how well our investigators are doing and their intentions and really see the fruits of our labors. Sunday morning we tried calling a bunch of inactives and investigators for al ast minute reminder call but like all their cell phones were off. Ugh. We decided, okay, we've done all we can...we have to have faith in them that they'll come! We had five investigators come to sacrament meeting and some inactives that we've been really focusing on who haven't been to church in months came too. It was awesome! One of the investigators was Cynthia who still on track for her baptism. It's cool to see how the gospel has changed her. Seriously, she has a special light about her now as she is reading the Book of Mormon , praying and attending church. Last year she suffered from health problems..she was bellimic (is that how you spell it) but her health is improving these days. She just seems so much happier now. She is friends with lots of the young women and really is just the cutest girl. I'm so happy for her.

Okay, so yesterday, I was sitting in the chapel and I saw a young man, about 25, walk in and sit down. I saw his face and it looked so familiar but I didn;t know how I knew him or if I had met him before. After the meeting I looked back to see if he was there..he was sitting by himself and waved to me. I was like who is this guy?! I went up to introduce myself to him and asked what his name was and if this is his first time coming to church. He said his name is Manuel and then said "ya, you invited me to come about two months ago". Okay, as missionaries we make at least twenty contacts, or invites to church, each day...some people listen, some people keep on walking, some people let us write down their address to visit them in their house,etc. each contact is different but right when Manuel told me that I had invited him I remembered exactly. About two months ago Hna Machuca and I went to an appointment and we clapped at the house and the lady there didn't want to let us in. So we were standing outside the fence when I noticed Manuel, sitting on his motorcycle getting ready to take off. We started to talk to him, he told us that he lived nearby and so we invited him to church and that was that. Well, yesterday he showed up. He came to the gospel principles class and we were talking about the Holy Ghost when the teacher asked if anyone had an experience they wanted to share. Manuel, even though it was his first time at church, wanted to share. He told the story about how that morning two months ago he was headed to his house but felt like he should go visit a friend. Ends up that his friend wasn't even home so that's when he was getting back on his motorcylce when we came up and started talking to him. Later that day he was thinking about how he wasted time going to his friends house because he wasn't even there but then realized that possibly he went so he could be invited to the church by us. He then realized that something, the Holy Ghost, told him to go to his friend's house so he could know about the church. The day after, his dad, who lives in the rural parts of Paraguay, called him and Manuel had to go work with him out there for like 2 months but just this week he returned to Asuncion and this whole time had remembered about the invite to church. Yesterday morning when coming to church he got lost. He asked someone for directions and they lead him to a Japanese church that's about 3 blocks from the LDS chapel. He entered and instantly knew that wasn't the right place. So, he went out looking again, and finally ended up finding the church. He loved it. He was soaking up every word. He's a great guy. I know he is prepared. The only thing is, he lives about 3 blocks out of our area. So, I had to pass the reference onto some elders in our zone. But seriously, wow! It reallystrengthened my testimony of making contacts and talking with everyone. Because really, we don't know who is prepared, but the Lord does and really does put people in our path. I just know this Manuel is going to be baptized! I'll have to keep in touch with the Elders on his progress. Cool, huh?!

Okay. So here is another story for you all. So many members have told me not to tell my family, but I'm going to tell you guys anyways. Ha. But don't worry. Yesterday we were walking along the street at 3 in the afternoon. The streets were quiet because it was during the siesta and hot outside. We were walking and a young guy, about 20 years old, was approaching us. I didn't think anything of it until he was about five feet in front of us and wasn't really moving to one side or the other. So I started moving more towards the left so he could pass by on the other side of us and he kinda like trapped me so I couldn't go that way. Before I knew it he had put me up against the wall and strongly had his hand placed on my right arm. I tried to step away but couldn't because of his grip on my arm. Ah. I had no clue what to do. It was me against this wall, he was in front of me, and Hna Paipa was like 3 feet behind him in shock about what was happening. He was hal fdrunk and started saying something like "hermana, hermana, give it to me, give it to me, now, hermana" over and over again. I was frozen and had like a thousand thoughts rush through my mind. He then, with his free hand, reached into his back pocket like he was taking out something. This is when my heart really started to race because often we hear stories of people with knives. Ah. He was looking to take something in his pocket, but had nothing. All of a sudden he said "yo digo no mas"...which is like "just joking", let go of me, and took off. It was REALLY weird. It all happened so fast Hna Paipa and I didn't know what to do. She could see the back of him and that he was trying to take out something but his pocket was empty. I guess he realized he didn't have anything to threaten me with and took off. I don't know. Really, now that it's over with and thinking about it I'm sure an angel or something took whatever he had placed in his pocket earlier that day out. I feel very blessed that neither one of us were hurt or that really, nothing happened. It was definitely a scare though. My first encounter with anything like this. Really crazy. Honestly though, don;t worry mom! :) We are safe and avoid all dangerous parts at night! It was just something really random that happened. I was telling the elders about it at our zone acitivty today and they couldn't believe it because nothing has ever happened to them but of course, something happens to the gringa. Ha! Anyways, that is that.

Well family. The work is going very well. Yesterday seriously was a great Sabbath day. I love the missionary work. I love when people are progressing and really have desires to do good. I love seeing how the Lord prepares people to hear the gospel. In my interview on Tuesday it kinda suprised me when President Callan said "well Sister Sargent, your mission is slipping away. " I have thought about that phrase this past week. Yes, my mission is ending, but not slipping away. I still have hold on the things that we are doing here. As missionaries, we work full out until the end. There is a hymn that is only in the Spanish hymnbook and one of the verses says "I want to be a faithful soldier, next to the Lord". Really, as a missionary, this is my desire. We are in a battle. I want to be better. I want to fight harder. I want to work hand in hand with the Lord. I want to be a better teacher, a better companion, a better missionary, a better daughter, a better friend, a better person. I really am so grateful for this time we have on earth. It's a time to learn, to grow and to progress. I'm grateful for the opportunity we have to participate in the Sacrament each week. What a blessing! Each week we can have a "mini baptism" and renew our covenants we have made with our Heavenly Father and be clean. The gospel is perfect!

Well, I have written a novel. Lots of stories to tell you! Haha, good and bad, huh?! But, know that I love you all tons. Thank you for your support, prayers and love. I hope you all have a great MLK day and a great rest of the week. The church is true!! LOVE YOU ALL TONS AND MISS YOU!!

Me and Hermana Paipa

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