Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey! How are you all? Mom gave me the full report on Thanksgiving and sounds like everyone really enjoyed themselves. Can't believe you went black friday shopping! Crazy! But, it sounds like a lot of fun. Count me in for next year!

Okay, this week has been a busy one. Each monring I've felt super tired. More than usual and I don't know why. But really, the Lord gives me the energy to keep on going!

On Saturday, Lili was baptized! Seriously, she's awesome. she is such a good mom to her 3 daughters and as I've said before, has such a desire to do good. As part of her baptism service she shared her testimony and said that she feels closer to her Heavenly Father than ever before and how she is willing and ready to keep learning and moving forward and how she wants to be an example for her girls. It was great. Okay, the only bad part about the baptism was that something was wrong with the water pipe for the font and the water came out like river water status...dirty. but luckily, Lili is verychill and it didn't even phase her. Oh! And Renato baptized her. Very cool. It was cute, when they were in the water Lili's 2 year old daughter, Luz, was just staring at them and then shouted out "I want to swim too".....everyone started laughing. It was funny. Overall, it was a great evening!! I'm so happy for Lili and for this step she has taken. In D&C 18 we learn about the joy we feel when helping people know and convert to the gospel. Really, that is the perfect!

Lili's baptism

Confirmation day. Going to church in the rain!!

Ssaturday we headed to the chapel in that chapel there is a part for institute and for the mission prep classes final, they had to leave with us missionaires. Luckily my district was asked to help out! A 19 year old girl from San Lorenzo was assigned with us and shadowed us around for the day. She was way cute and helped out with our lessons! We were walking down the street and we decided to contact a couple that was coming from the other direction. The man stopped to listen but the woman just kept on walking and didn't even acknowledge us. For me and Hermana Machuca it was a normal thing, but for this girl she was like "wow, that lady didn't even stop, how rude! The mission is hard". But ya, I think she learned some things about the mission and really liked the short time she had with us! It was fun!
It's a rainy day here. I kinda like it because it makes it feel more Christmasy! A lot of people here have Christmas decorations and light sup already! Hardly anyone had stuff up in San Lorenzo last year. I think since Amambay is a more ritzy area more people have a little more money for Christmas decor. This Friday we are having a ward Christmas dinner and talent show. Should be fun! The elders and are going to sing a song. We'll see how it turns out. Ha! I'm looking forward to it though!
Well, the work continues to go on. We were very blessed to have a baptism this past weekend. Now, we need more to baptized! We are teaching lots of really good people but need to find more as well. It's always a cycle.
Well familia, I love you all lots. I hope that you all have a great day today and have a happy start to December!!! I really can't believe it's going to be December!! Seriously, I remember back in January, looking at my calendar and thinking, wow....I have a lot of months ahead of me....and now, it's the end of the year. What?! Really, can't belive it. But, I'm excited it's December. I love the Christmas season! And even though it's very different down here in matter where we are at we can remember the reason for Christmas!

Fun FHE we had with Lili and the Chilavert family this past week!!

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