Monday, December 6, 2010


This week has been purete!....awesome! December has started off good. Hermana Machuca and I have seen miracles this week. Last Sunday we decided to do a special fast for our investigators and to have a navidad blanca....aka...baptisms in December! After fasting we went to Griseldas house on Tuesday to visit her. We sat down with her and her mom in their crowded house (seriously, ten people live there and its probably the size of my bedroom at home or a little smaller..eek). One of the first things Griselda told us was that she talked to her dad and he gave her permission to be baptized! We've been teaching Griselda for a little over a month now and were so happy to hear the good news! Griselda is smart, really understands what we teach her and is just so cute! Chulina! She is my little bud and I love her like she is one of my nieces. It's been great to teach her and also help reactivate her mom. Grislelda will have her interview with our district leader tomorrow and will be baptized Wednesday at 6! Yay!! We've been planning the baptism and inviting people which is always fun to do. I'm excited for her.

Thinking about this experience really makes me recognize the power of fasting and prayer. During these fifteen months on the mission I have learned how powerful these two things are and how the Lord answers us. The answers come at different times and in different ways, but He always seems to bless and help us when we diligently show our faith.

Friday night was the ward Christmas was way fun! There was a talent show and dinner. The elders, us and our ward mission leader, Jose sang. We met up at the chapel on Thursday to choose and practice a song....oh my was a disaster! Seriously, we'd sing a song.....start laughing because it was too high/low/long/etc and then switch songs. Well we changed songs like ten times before we settled on Joy to the World. I don't know why, but we couldn't stop laughing. I guess we all realized that 5 voices from 5 different countries don't quite blend! Ha! But, it was fun...and I think somehow our song turned out decent. The ward seemed to like it, so thats good!

Good news...this past Wednesday our AC got fixed. Yay. It was perfect timing too because Thursday it was like someone opened up the oven door of Asuncion....the heat hit hard! It was prob only like 95 out (ha, only)....but with like a thousand percent humidity. Yuck. I quickly remembered what it had been like last summer. And the thing is....summer is just starting....the 21st of this month is the official start to summer. Eeeek!

This Thursday we have a special Christmas zone conference in the mission office with a couple other zones..... I'm totally looking forward to it!

And yes, received all my Christmas packages! Soo fun! Thank you everyone for the cute little Christmas ornaments to go on our tree! Seriously, love it!! Hermana Machuca probably said about ten times that night "wow, your family is really special".....she comes from a very humble family and won't be receiving a Christmas package this year. She felt very excited and grateful to have a stocking and gifts of her own. So thank you to mom and to everyone else!!

Well, the work is going good. I just feel really happy and grateful to be here. We've found some great people this past week and hope they progress. I love the Christmas season. Some people may say that it's too bad I have two Christmases on the mission...but really, I'm so BG that I have another one here. I feel like last year I was so new still that I couldn't totally grasp onto and enjoy everything. But this year, it's different. I love the Christmas season and I love the mission!

Ward Christmas party pics!!! SOOO fun!!

The little girl with me is Griselda!! Love her!

We even got special permission to stay out til 10! Woo hoo!! early still!!

I love this plaza here in downtown. Reminds me of New York a bit.

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