Monday, December 20, 2010


Sounds like you are all great and feeling the Christmas spirit! The report is the same from my end! I loved the pics of all the Christmas decor in the house. Looks so fun and festive! Yay for

This morning we had an awesome zone acitivity. By far my fave. In our zone conference, President Callan encouraged all the zone leaders to plan something special since its the holiday season so our ZL planned for us to go to a public childrens hospital here in Asuncion and Christmas carol to all the people there. Okay, first off, I couldn't believe the hospital conditions. It was dirty, hot, no AC, there was hardly enough space for people in the waiting rooms, etc.. We sang Christmas hymn after Christmas hymn to people in the waiting room and then we were able to enter and sing in some of the patients rooms. There was usually more than one kid per room and honestly, it was really sad to see them in their little cribs or beds. One of theElders dressed up as Santa, and the kids loved that. And thanks to mom, each kid got a cute little sticker that they loved and were super excited about! It made me sad to see so many people, who honestly have nothing, spending their Christmas week in the hospital. But, I'm glad that we could at least bring a smile to their face and let them feel a little of the Christmas spirit! It was definitely an awesome experience and one I will always remember.

Okay, lets see. What else. We continue to teach the family that we taught...Marcos and Roxanna. They are awesome. The thing is, it's a little difficult right now because they are working a ton since it's the holiday season. It's hard to find them...but when we do, they are gold! We taught them about baptism this past week and they both have a desire to be baptized which is really exciting. I'm pretty sure it'll happen next month! We've been teaching 13 year old Salma who was supposed to be baptized this upcoming week. However, Saturday we went to her house and her mother in law told us she moved to her moms house for the holidays and was probably going to stay there throughout the summer. Sad! We were totally bummed. But, I know one day she'll be baptized. And who knows, maybe she'll be moving back sooner than later!?

Hermana Machuca ends her mission next Wednesday. Crazy! I can hardly believe it. These past 2 changes with her have flown. She says she feels both happy and sad about ending her mission. Last Monday we went to the city of Lambare to visit some of her was fun!

Ok, yesterday Hna Machuca told me she was excited for Christmas. I asked if it was because she's excited to talk to her family and she said "no, I want to see what is in my stocking!" Too cute!

I am now lice free. Thank goodness! But I'm still a little paranoid now. Summer has definitely hit. We have officially turned into camels because we are drinking so much water. Seriously, I'm not even hungry these days, my body just craves water. Tomorrow as part of our district meeting we are going to be doing a white elephant gift exhange! Should be fun!

Okay, we get to talk on Saturday!!! Yay!!! So cool how you all talked to Jose yesterday. He is a great guy! He has visited the states one time and loves the US. He loves to practice his English so I'm sure he was super excited that you called. I'm planning on 5pm my time...1pm your time still. So, should be good! And yes, Skype is allowed now! Crazy huh?! We just found out yesterday. I'm sure it depends on each mission president, but President Callan has given us permission. The thing is, Skype is like slow we definitely have to talk by phone but I figured it'd be cool to see each other too while we talk! I think Nat has will need to add Jose as a friend...he said we can use his username....its jose_olavarrieta and he'd be under the Paraguay group. So, if you can find him, go ahead and add him and we can connect through Skype right before 5! But if not, don't worry about it....because we can talk by phone!

Well, I think that is about it from down here in Asuncion. Just about to go across the street to do some grocery shopping and head back to our apartment. Tonight we have a special Christmas FHE planned with some members and investigators! Love you lots. I hope you have a great Christmas Eve and we will talk on Saturday!! YAY!!! La iglesia es verdadera y perfecta. Estoy tan agradecida por estaraqui en Paraguay y compartir el evangelio. Se que Jesus es el Cristo, nuestro redentor y salvador. Aunque el fue nacido hace mas de dos milanos, podemos sentir su espiritu y amor cada dia porque realmente, Elvive.

Us missionaries in my district this morning playing some pool!

Me and Hermana Machuca eating watermelon.....its sandia season here in Paraguay!

Me and Hermana Edwards....she's great! She just ended her mission this past week....we always wanted to be companions, but sadly never were!

Griseldas baptism with her mom and little bro.

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