Thursday, December 30, 2010


Can you believe this will be my last email of 2010??! Seriously, this year has gone by fast.
I remember back in January thinking I'd never be able to make it through.

Okay, how awesome was Skype?! I TOTALLY LOVED it! It was soo good to see you. I felt like I was sitting there in the family room with all of you. I still can't get over how all my nieces and nephews look so grown up! And Robs too! I guess that I have been away from home for awhile now and that you all are changing. But seriously, it was great to Skype. Luckily the connection was good and everything. It was funny too, because Jose was there listening in on everything. I thought it was going to be like awkward since he knows English and could understand....but it was fine and I think he enjoyed hearing our conversation. It was like a movie to him! Ha!

Okay. 2011 will start out good. It'll bring some new challenges and adventures because I am now training. I found out Tuesday at district meeting and shortly after the assistant to president called me to see if I'd accept the assignment. And then Wednesday morning we had an hour leadership training with President Callan. I'm kinda sad because Hermana Machuca is on her way to El Salvador right now. But my new companion is Hermana Paipa, from Columbia. She actually lived in Venezuela til she was about 12 and then moved to Columbia. She's 25, finished college, studied chemistry, all her family are member minus her dad. In her early 20's she was inactive for about 2 years but has returned to the church and is now on the mission. This is her 3rd day in Paraguay. Wow! She seems pretty shocked with everything. Things that are totally normal to me cobblestone roads, humble homes, the heat, people speaking Guarani and not being able to understand, the food, etc, are so new to her. Yesterday she was wearing some high heeled shoes but today she pulled out her flats! She learned quickly. She's really trying to learn and pick up on everything of how the mission is. She seems to overall be doing good. I'm excited to train. I've always wanted the opportunity to do so because my first few months in the mission were a little rough and I always have thought that I hope no new missionary ever feels so alone as I did. Along with the excitement, honestly I'm a little nervous about it. I'm used to having a comp who knows the ins and outs of the msision but now it's like I have to explain and teach her every little thing. Hna Paipa told me she doesn't feel comfortable at all with teaching and she's scared to open up her we'll be doing lots of practices! Really, I know the Lord has given me this assignemnt to help me develop patience and love. I'm learning a lot. She'll be a good missionary. I just hope that I can be a good trainer and that we are able to see miracles in the mission field!!

Well, we have a lot of investigators right now...there is always someone to teach..........but they aren't progressing too quickly. We really need some people to go to church this Sunday!

Well family. I love you all so much. Thank you for your support. I felt, and still do, so uplifted from talking to you all this past Saturday. It was awesome. I'm already for another phone call but I guess we'll just have to wait til March! Know that I love you. Know that I'm doing good down here in Asuncion. Know that I pray for you daily. Know that I know this church is true. I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for His constant love, help and guidance in my life. He really does know us individually. Have a great weekend. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2011....WOW!!

Christmas morning!

Jose' family-in their house (where i Skyped)

All the trainers and the new missionaries yesterday morning!

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