Monday, November 22, 2010


Happy Monday! How are you all? I'm doing great here in Asuncion. It's been a good weekend. Lots of teaching, good Sunday at church and lots of laughing with Hermana Machuca. The weather here has been rainy and weird because it's almost December. Last November when I got here it was full out summer at this time and I remember just sweating and sweating. The school year is ending here and people are getting ready for their summer vacation to start up. Most people don't travel so I'm hopingthat it'll give us more opportunities to find people in their houses.

Interesting experience the other day. We were teaching a lady who is about 30 years old. Ends up she believes that the Holy Ghost is Mary. Definitely something I hadn't heard before. It's amazing to me how there are so many different ideas in the world. Every day we hear different things. Really shows us how there was an apostasy where all the teachings and doctrine of Christ were distorted. But, how blessed we are to live in this time where the gospel has been restored and how we can share this message with others!

Okay, I was reading back through my notes from when Elder Foster came. I have another statistic that he shared with us that I find interesting. He said, that the church did some polls and out of ACTIVE members...95% said they know the church is true ..50% know that God knows them personally..20% believe that God responds to their prayers ..interesting huh? I wish people could recognize that we are all children of God and yes, He knows each one of us personally and does answer our prayers. One thing I love to share with investigators is the First Vision. It's powerful. The phrase "calling me by name" is direct evidence of Gods love for us and the knowledge He has. He knew Joseph Smith by name, and He knows us too. There is no doubt in my mind. Okay, Lili is still doing good! She left out of town this weekend so we haven't seen her in 2 days and I feel like it's been forever. I miss her! Luckily, we have an appointment with her tonight. Her baptism will be this Saturday if all goes as planned!
I don't know why but lately Hermana Machuca and I have been eating bananas like crazy. Seriously, I feel like every house we go to people give us bananas to eat! The other day I had 4 stashed away in my backpack and Hermana Machuca called me a "monito"...aka...little monkey. So funny.

Well, this morning we had a zone activity here in our chapel. It was really fun. We studied together as a zone and set goals for the month of December and plans for how we will reach these goals. After our little study session, we had a ping pong tournament and then ate pizza. I actually did pretty well in the tournament.....I think all those times I played ping pong while at Sea Lodge helped me out! haha! Well famila, this Thursday is Thanksgiving. Here in Paraguay, the 25th is just like any other day. But know that I'll be thinking of you all on Thursday and hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! I know you all will. Thanks for all of your love and support. I'm pretty sure I say that every week, but I really do mean it. You're all the best! The church is true!

Just wanted to wish you all a...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Rainy day in the market. We were driving with a member to her house
after church and I snapped a pic!

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