Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello! Wow, I feel like it's been a while. How are you? Sounds like you have all been super busy...but with good/fun it's all good! Can't believe Lex was baptized this past Saturday. So exciting!
Well, things are good here in Paraguay. I feel like I have so much to say from the past week and a half. Here it goes....transfers came and went. We're still together here in Amambay. To be honest, it was kind of a rough day on Tuesday. Had lots of mixed emotions. It was sad because our district had lots of changes...lots of my good Elder friends were transferred. As missionaries in the same district we really do become good friends and then all of a sudden it's like boom...transfers. Also, for some reason I just felt down after transfers. I'm going to be totally honest... I had a "I feel bad for myself" type mood. So not good. I thought wow, so many people are going to next places and here I am with almost 15 months on the mission in my second area. Very unusual. However, as I've said many times before...the Lord has a plan. He knows better than I do. When I was feeling pretty down on Tuesday, my converts, Gloria, happened to call while we were eating lunch in our apartment. Her son, Osvaldo had just been released from his drug rehab place where he has been the past month and wanted to talk to us. He asked if we could come by that day. It seriously made me so happy to hear his voice and know he was doing so much better. I hung up the phone and for some reason I started to cry. I don't really know why. It was like a huge feeling came over me and I realized ya know, the mission isn't about's about how I can help others. I honestly felt a little embarassed and guilty for the feelings and attitude I had had. I had questioned the Lords will. I thought I knew what was best for me. I had to totally remove those sad/bitter feelings and find a peace. The Lord knows where I need to be. And honestly, I am SO BG to be here in Amambay. Everyday is good here but these past 2 days have been great and have confirmed to me that this is where I'm supposed to be. I'm really grateful I have for the opportunity to be here and continue to work with these awesome people! I love the people we are teaching. The members are helping us out a ton. And, being in the city is a plus.:) so really, it's all good! Okay, our investigator Lili is awesome! She'll be getting baptized on the 27th! The scripture Mosiah 5:2 reminds me of her....she has heard the truth and has such a desire to move forward doing the good! I love teaching her. I really admire her for her faith and dedication. For example, we taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she told us she drinks coffee daily and it'd be hard to just drop it, but that she was totally willing to do it since its a commandment from God. She told us the morning after we taught her about this she, out of habit, went to the store to buy coffee and it just so happens that the store was all out. It was then when she remembered about what we had taught her and the commitment she had made and knew God was helping her out. It's been like 10 days now and she hasn't touched coffee! This past weekend Renato came with us to a couple appointments we had since he's a ward missionary. It was super cool to see a convert of mine teaching and sharing his testimony! Def a highlight! On Sunday our ward had its primary presentation. Oh my gosh, it was so cute! Presh! They sang the song "I want to be a missionary now" and I loved it! The kids here have a special place in my heart. I just love them. They all reminded me of my nieces and nephews!On the 9th we had our zone conference with Elder Foster from the area. It was great! He talked to us a lot about working with the ward leaders. Here is an interesting statistic he gave 2005 there were 73,000 members attending sacrament meeting weekly in our area. In 2010, there are now 70,100 members attending. Here's the thing though, within this 5 year span there have been 65,000 baptisms. Where are all of the people? Why aren't they going to church? Basically, there is a huge inactivity problem. Huge. It's really sad and the area presidency really wants us to work hard to resolve this problem. I imagine it'll be a long process. But a much needed one. I have a challenge for all of you......ready? Visit the less active and inactive members. Help get them back and going to church each Sunday. More cases than not, these people won't just one day decide to go back to church. They need support, they need a friend. You can be their friend!!
Okay. Basically, the mission is the best. I'm now in my 10th out of 12 transfers here in Paraguay. Ahhhh. Where is the time going?! Estoy muycontenta para estar aqui. He tenido muchas experiencias tan lindas quejamas voy a olvidar. Me encanta hablar con la gente cada dia. Son misamigos y les quiero mucho. es impresionante a mi para ver como el Senor nos guia a las personas que esten preparadas. Cada dia nosencontramos con gente tan buena para ensenar. Que bendicion! Realmente, estoy tan agradecida a mi padre celestial para tener estetiempito como misionera.
Well, we're just about to head back to our apartment....later this afternoon we are headed up to the Bishops house. The Bishops wife and daughters invited us over to make cookies with them this afternoon. Fun stuff!
Okay, need to end this novel! Hope you all have a great weekend! Know that I love you all and am so bg for each one of you!!

Us by a little stream here in our area..........I was thirsty....ha!

Tuesday at our last district meeting of the transfer.....
one of the elders brought pan dulce....yummy sweet bread!

For all those of you who are wondering if Paraguay has anything modern and only horse drawn cart is a pic of the mall we go to! Love it all decorated for Christmas!!

My district eating Pizza Hut in downtown last Monday! Fun times!!

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