Monday, November 8, 2010


How are you all? I hope you had a great week! Can you believe it's already the second week into November?! Wow!! Okay, just so you all know....les quiero mucho!!

Right now I'm in downtown Asuncion. I LOVE it here. It's just such a different vibe. Lots of people, traffic, vendors out on the streets, so fun. I'm here with my district. We had a study session together this morning and then went to the little market to buy! Right now we're in this mall type place...and it has all its Christmas decorations up! So festive! We're going to hit up Pizza Hut after this too! It's like I'm in the states right now!

My district this past week at district meeting...

Okay, this past Tuesdsay we had district meeting and it was extra special because President and Hermana Callan joined us. It was basically like any other district meeting but it was neat to have them there to hear about our investigators, ways to help them progress, and to do teaching practices with them. At the end of the meeting President stood up and was sharing his testimony and thoughts when he suddenly stopped and said " can you feel that?" was silent and the Spirit was incredibly strong. After waiting a minute he said "We are in the Lords work." It was definitely a powerful moment. Bore witness to me that I'm here in Paraguay doing the right thing.

So, we went to visit one of our investigators, David, this past week. He opened up the door and said "no quiero ser mormon"..."I don't want to be Mormon." We talked to him for a while, but what it comes down to is that he doesn't want to live some of the commandments. It's sad. He had such a strong desire but can't have one foot in the worldly things. We asked him if he'd like us to keep passing by but he told us no and that we should spend our time visiting people who will be baptized. Ouch. But, it's okay. Seed planted. One day he will come to see that commandments are just a list of do's and don'ts but from a loving Heavenly Father who wants to help us.

Our lead investigator is Lili. She is demasiada buena!! She lives in such a humble home..shack. We went to pick her up for church yesterday and she came out wearing a nice skirt and blouse. So cute! She once again loved church. After Sacrament meeting she told us she wanted to go up to the pulpit and share her testimony too. She is great! We gave her a Book of Mormon this past week and she just held it in her hands and was looking at it. She loves to read and has a desire to learn and understand. definitely progressing and has her goal to be baptized this month!!

We have a new ward mission leader. His name is Jose, he's 28, and was baptized just last year. He has such good ideas to get the missionary work going even more! Also, Renato..the soccer player, was called as a ward missionary! Cool huh?!

So I'm super excited because tomorrow we have Zone Conference! One of the counselors in our area presidency, President Foster, and his wife are coming. It is going to be so good. We have a 4 hour conference with everyone from 1-5 and then a special meeting with all the hermanas with Sister Foster and Callan! So looking forward to it!!

I'm so BG because the summer heat hasn't hit us too bad yet. I remember last November was brutal. It's hot, but bearable right now. I'm trying to really enjoy it because I know that summer summer is right around the corner.

Many people we visit ask us if we get tired of being a missionary and doing the same thing each day. To many people, it looks like we are doing the same thing each day....but we really aren't. It's similar, but so different. Really, I love this work. Each day brings new experiences, new friends and strengthened testimonies. There are very few times I wonder if i can go on and do another day......however, I've learned that when these moments come that is when I have to turn to the Lord the most. He gives me strength.

Well fam! I love you all so much! Thank you for your letters, love and great examples to me! I won't be writing next Monday because next week on the 17th is transfers.....yes....another change has come and gone! Crazy!! Who knows what will happen next week....but next Thursday I'll write and let you all know!

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