Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy November!! And shout out to Dyan...happy bday!! I hope you all had a good Halloween weekend and ate lots of yummy treats! People here don´t celebrate Halloween. People have heard of Halloween though and lots of people asked me about it....they kind of have a skewed idea of what it really is...lots thought it was a lot of evil-ish type stuff and didn't know about trick or treating and the fun carnivals and stuff! However, here tomorrow is a holiday... "day of the dead" where lots of people will spend the whole day in the cemeteries remembering their loved ones who have passed away. Also, it's interesting...all the cemetaries here are the above ground New Orleans status! I don't know why but it's kinda cool.
Okay. this past week has been great. The Lord has helped us out so much in the work. We have really been working with investigators and getting them to make and keep their commitments. Yesterday at church, all 4 of our investigators who are preparing for baptism within the month came! This is a huge step. Shows us that they just don't want the visits but they really recognize the importance of the Sabbath day and what they need to do to be baptized. We are teaching David, who I mentioned last week. 15 year old Rodrigo who is demasiado bueno. After we taught him about the restoration I asked if he'd like to know if the things we shared are true. He looked at his pamphlet then back at us and said "I know they are true." These are the best words a missionary can hear! Also, another 1 of the 4 is 28 year old Lili who has 3 little girls. She told us that she wants more peace in her life and feels that peace when we visit her and felt the same feeling yesterday while at church as well. Also we are now teaching a 9 year old girl, Griselda, whose mom and sisters are's our goal to reactivate the whole family and baptize Griselda! I am so gratefulfor our investigators progress and for the great blessings and answers to prayer we have received.
The past few weeks have been a little hard...lots of looking and times I honestly felt like we weren't going to find anyone who was going to progress! But I have learned that it' s when we are diligent and keep on working (even Saturdays! ha) the Lord helps us out. Oh my gosh, Friday night we had a HUGE storm here. By far the biggest storm since I've been down here in Paraguay. It was hailing like ice cubes, windy and raining so hard. We had to take shelter in the house of a member for a little bit! We then had no choice but to walk back to our apartment because it was late.....we came home to a flooded apartment. I guess our big glass doors don't keep the water out! Luckily nothing got ruined...but it sure was wet! So crazy! This Wednesday will mark my 1 year mark here in Paraguay. ONE YEAR!! I can't believe it. I was sitting in the office this morning andthinking how one year ago when I arrived and was sitting in the office I felt so lost! Oh how things change! Well fam! Just about to go do grocery shopping and head back to our apt! I'm pretty tired this PDAY....we had to get up at 5am to be in the office by 630 so Hermana Machuca could go and sign some papers! Que loco! I love you all so much! I hope that all is well up there in the states. Know that I pray for you daily. Thank you for your love and support. You're all the best!!
A pic of us two with Fatima and her mom making Paraguayan
tortillas as we took cover from a big storm! Me, Hermana Machuca and the YW president, Roly, with the famous
Paraguayan Losmitos.....they are supposedly little men that come out
at night in the more rural parts. A weird part of their culture!

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