Monday, September 6, 2010


I now have 2 in Spanish and one in Guarani!!

Como estan todos? Para que sepan, les amo muchisomo y tambien, les extrano. Aunque estamos lejos de cada otro, estoy muy contenta estar aqui en Paraguay sirviendo un mision y predicando el evangelio verdadero. Realmente,es buenisimo! Bueno, este es bastante Espanol. Voy a escribir en ingles ya. (pero mama, usted puede practicar y aprender un poquito mas por su clase!! jaja!)

Well! this past week has been a good one. It has passed by way fast. Basically, i love being comps with Hermana Cozzens. I am so BG for her.

We are continuing to work with all of our young investigators. They are coming to church and all the activities but their parents are the problem. It's kind of difficult. These youth know it's true and want to be baptized but we are in like a waiting pool I feel like. Okay, 13 year old Fatima has been to church three times now and has a bpatism date for this weekend but we aren´t sure if it's actually going to happen this weekend or not because of her parents. Her mom really doesn't have a problem with it, but the dad does so she's scared to give permission. But basically, this guy like isn't even a dad or husband type figure. They aren't married but have just been living together for like 30 years (typical for Paraguay) and when her dad is home, he's drinking a ton or sleeping. Honestly, it's really sad. Yesterday before church Hermana Cozzens and I were talking very directly with Fatima's mom and I think she was starting to realize like ya, why am I with this guy? I think she will give permission. We're going to go talk to her again tonight so we´ll see what happens. Ojala que todo salga bien! As for Bruno, he hasn't talked to his dad and we haven't either. He's like impossible to find in his house. It's our goal to track him down and talk to him this week.

We have some goals to really work better with the church leaders here in Amambay. There is so much potential for the missionary work and I know it could really just take off. The area President has chosen the Asuncion stake out of 96 stakes in the South American area to do a project...basically as missionaries, we have 2 weeks to contact every member of the ward and see how many people are really living in our area still. It'll be an interesting percentage. Retention here in Paraguay probably isn't the best. But I'm sure we´ll be able to find more people to teach by going to everyones house!

Okay, I´ve said this before but seriously, the weather here is bipolar. It's crazy! Wednesday we left our apartment with short sleeves and we were sweating.....then that afternoon it was freezing! This past weekend I had to pull out my big coat and scarf again! The thing is, it's usually even colder in our apartment than outside. Our apt is totally like made for the summer so I'd like be wearing my coat around the apt! Since winter really is relatively short here, people just seem to suffer through it. It's crazy! But today, its warming up.......I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.........eeek....summer is going to start and will be here until I leave.

This morning we had a zone activity here in our chapel. We studied together and talked about zone goals for the month and then we watched "The District 2". The church makes these movies that are like real experiences from missionaries and sends it out all over the world to missionaries so we can learn from it. It was awesome! It was just so real and honest...we were all like laughing and crying during it. I want all of you to see it.

Well, we already did our grocery shopping for the day so we're just headed back to our apartment now to eat lunch. I'm just going to hang out and read some Ensigns we have! Looking forward to it. We're also going to make some "staircase to the celestial kingdom" posters for a couple less active families. We're hoping that they'll hang it up in their house and really see what they need to do! Tonight I'm excited because we are going to talk to Fatima and her mom and we also have an appointment with Renato. We printed off pics of his baptism for him today so he'll be excited to see them! He is doing AWESOME. He went to a YSA fireside on Saturday night and was at church yesterday. Renato's the best. I wish I could just pick up the phone and really tell you how much of a change we have seen with him. It really was a miracle.

Well fam, I love you lots! Have a great week!! And happy labor day!! The church is true! It's amazing how well the Lord knows us and how willing He is to help us out when we do our part!

Paz y amor,
Hermana Sargent

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