Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey family! How are you all? I feel like i just barely was sitting here writing......the weekend flew by way fast. it was a great weekend because RENATO WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!

RENATOS BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8-28-10
(me, hna cozzens, Renato and Bishop Grau!)

Yes, the futbolista aka professional soccer star who we have been teaching for about a month and a half was baptized Saturday night! Seriously, I wish you could all meet Renato..he´s awesome. He had his interview on Thursday night and he told us that night that Saturday was the day. The baptism service was simple and nice. Hermana Cozzens and I were in the church doing last minute preparations when I saw a guy walk in wearing a white shirt and tie and I was like who is that? Couldn´t recognize him for a second and then I realized it was Renato. He has been to church a ton of times now but he always just wore jeans and a polo so it was awesome to see him walk in for his baptism in a new white shirt and tie he'd bought! Chulina. Anyways, as part of the program there was time for testimonies....Hermana and I had planned for other people to share but when going over the program with Renato he told us that he'd really like us two to we did, then afterwards he got up and shared his which totally suprised us because he had told us just like an hour before that he didn't want to. I guess the Spirit really touched him. One thing I really liked that he said was how he has made a lot of contracts in his life and will make more in his life...because of his soccer career....but he knows that the contract that he has made with his Father in Heaven is the most important of them all. Wow! I honestly just still can´t believe he actually was baptized! I'm just so happy for him! He has changed so much from the first time I met him! It's been amazing to see. I can't even describe it. But ya, I was telling Hna Cozzens yesterday how Renato has probably been the "hardest" convert of mine but I have also probably learned the most through this whole process of teaching him. First off, to have patience!! Ha! But really, I have gained a stronger testimony that God answers our prayers, we are His instruments and He always helps us out, the Spirit can soften the heart of anyone and that miracles really do happen!

Okay, we also have some other youth who we are teaching and who are coming to church. Yay! I talked about Bruno in my last email. Ends up that his grandparents and mom are totally fine with him wanting to join the church...but his dad...not so much. Bruno told us yesterday that he was going to talk to his dad about it all. We have an appointment with him tonight so we're anxious to see how it went. I'm hoping that his dad will be okay with it!

On Saturday afternoon Hermana Cozzens and I were walking to an appointment and I heard someone yell out Hermana Sargent....I turned around and it was my friend from Leopardi!! Mica Aquino! She was in the neighborhood walking to classmates house to study! It was SOOOO fun to see her and get the scoop on Leopardi! Ah, love Leopardi!

So one of the challenges that Hermana and I have really been dealing with is the whole tradition/culture thing. So many people here just go to their church or are Catholic because their parents and grandparents are. Often times I'll ask someone straight up if they've ever asked God if the church they are attending is the true church. Not one time in my whole mission has someone said yes to this question. They just kinda look at us and are like oh ya, i've never thought about doing that. But the thing is, they feel good at their church so they keep going. It is just so interesting to me. We always like to ask this question because its a good lead in to talk about the Apostasy, the need for a Restoration and how there has been a Restoration!

Well this Thursday, Sept 2, is my one year mark on the mission. Honestly, I really can't believe it!! I feel like its been about 5 or 6 months no mas. I'm thinking back to like a couple years ago when the mission really wasn't even really on my list of things that I wanted to do. Now, I can´t even imagine my life without the mission! I am so grateful to be serving here in Paraguay!!

Well family, I love you lots and hope that all is well up there! Thanks for everything! You're in my prayers daily!!

Hermana Sargent

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