Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hola!! It feels so good to be sitting here and writing you all. I feel like it's been a while. Anyways, transfers came and went...Hermana Cozzens and I are together still and I'm so BG! I love her and am excited to have at least another change with her. This transfer is going to be a good one!!

We are making some progress with our investigator, Renato. This past week we have had some way good appointments with him. Honestly, I feel like Renato is like my little brother or something. He's just awesome. Hermana and I have really grown to care for him so much as we've been on this rollercoaster ride with him. We are always just like thinking about how we can help him make it into the baptism font! Tuesday we had our game plan and went to his house that night. It was such a powerful and direct lesson. I am amazed at the power of the Holy it helps us as missionaries know exactly what to say and even more so how it touches the hearts and works on the investigator. We read some parts in Alma 34 that talk about how we can't delay the day of our repentance and how the time is now! Renato read it outloud and it was like something hit him in the face. We sat there in silence for about 2 minutes, the Spirit was so strong and present and he was just thinking and thinking. After a little discussion and sharing of personal experiences he told us that he wanted our district leader to come Thurs night (today) to do his baptism interview. This is the second interview he´ll have...but we made it very clear to him that if he has his interview, he has to be baptized withing a 7 day period and can't wait or think that our district leader can just come every week. Honestly, Renato is so ready. He knows it's true, has his testimony and has been to church 8 times in a row! This is his time!! So tonight he´ll have his interview.

Okay.......some cositas from the past little bit....

This past Monday was Hermana Cozzens 22nd bday. It was way fun!...except for the fact she woke up that morning and her eye was swollen shut from a bug bite...pobrecita! Anyways...we taught some kids how to make a cake and also, since we didn´t have a lunch appt we thought we'd go to Pizza Hut to celebrate! Yes, we have a Pizza Hut in our area. We're so spoiled! It was honestly sooo good. It was like totally legit. Such a good taste of home!

Also, I've eaten some weirder foods than normal this past week. Every Wednesday we eat at the Graus house...they are an older couple from Spain so all the food she makes is like traditional Spain food. It's super good! Last Wed we ate octupus and shrimp. It would have been totally fine until one of the Elders pointed out that the shrimp had its eyes still. Ew. Totally grossed me out for some reason. I felt like the little shrimp was just like staring at me or something. But igual no mas...had to eat it!

Also, we ate pig this past Sunday for lunch with a member and it made me soo sick up until monday morning. Ughhh. I think it was like a combo of the pig slash heat. It's warming up here. I'm kinda scared for another summer. And the bugs that it´ll bring!!

Anyways....enough food stories!

We have a great group of youth we´re teaching who all live down by this stream which is a very poor area. At first when we met them they were all kinda wild, just not use to structure, etc...but now when we go to their house they are always like "the hermanas are here" and they all grab their Books of Mormon or pamphlets, pull out some chairs and logs to sit on and we sit in a big circle and share. And a few of them are coming to church and progressing which is awesome!!!

And okay, we´ve been teaching 14 year old Bruno who is a neighbor of Gloria, our convert from last month. He has been to church a couple times and loves it. The thing has been that we haven´t had the chance to talk with his parents and he was worried about what they´d say because they are very Catholic. Anyways...Gloria called us this morning and was telling us how she talked to his grandparents and parents about the church and they are totally fine with it all! Wow...such a blessing!! The Lord really does soften hearts of people. Hermana Cozzens and I are super excited and are going to plan a baptism date with him asap!

Okay.....Natalie sent me a few pics and there was one of her and this tall guy and I was like who is that?? So I opened up the picture to see it better and it was Robbie!!!! i Iwas like what???!!! ROBS....YOU ARE SO TALL NOW!!

Well fam, really, everything is going great here in Asuncion. We have progressing investigators. The ward is great. The members are great and are helping us out a lot in the missionary effort. Basically, love the mission. I'm so grateful for this time to serve my Heavenly Father and preach the gospel. The more I study and share the Gospel each day, the more I know it's true.

A pic of us and the youth who live down by the stream.........we were making cake with them in honor of Hermana Cozzens bday!

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