Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, this past week has been a little rougher than normal..but still good at the same time. Basically, we just have dealt with lots of rejection. We taught so many first lessons but when we'd go back for the follow up appointment it's like the person had totally they'd see us and run into their houses and shut their doors, hide from us, or just flat out lie. Okay, one day we went to teach this man who lives in a little shack with his family...he had told us the day before to come by so we were all excited and went. We got to his house, clapped and were like waiting for someone to come. All of a sudden we hear boys laughing from inside and a big boom...they had thrown a shoe at the door! The thing was, since their walls were like cardboard and had like holes in it, we could see them inside. So, we just ignored the shoe and clapped again. They wouldn´t answer the door. So we clapped for a third time and all of a sudden they started to throw rocks at us through the holes of their house! So, there we were trying to like dodge the rocks. For a split second we felt like Samuel the Lamanite, on the wall, blocking off the arrows..........but not! Ha! It was seriously like crazy. I was just like wait, is this really happening right now?! We ended up just being like bueno, muy amable, muchas gracias por su ayuda and left. But, the situation turned out to be we were walking off all like bruised from the rocks (ha, not really!) a young woman came out saying ´hermanas!´and told us she's been inactive for a while, apologized about the rock situation and gave us her address so we could visit with her! Wow, the Lord really does work in mysterious ways! As missionaries, we sure do go through a lot of different experiences!!

okay, but for real, despite all the craziness of the week that we just have to laugh about...we really have seen such blessings! Yesterday at church was awesome. We had a handful of investigators there.....Renato, Fatima (13 year old who has a baptism date for next month!) and Teresa and her 3 kids. Teresa is awesome! We met her just last weekend and last week her kids came to church, but this week she came too! The challenges with her is she's not married but living with her "husband" and her very catholic/anti mormon next door neighbor is always talking to her. We´ll see what we can do! Also at church we were very happy because 4 inactive families who we've been consistently visiting each week all came! I honestly couldn´t believe it!! It's like we visit, visit and visit with them and at times it feels like its not helping at all. But we were way happy to see them all there after months of not going to church!

Okay, as for Renato....he wasn't baptized this past week. :( He's awesome but just a little on the non-commital side. His family is being a lot more supportive about the situation now. Last night we had a like a mini FHE with them all which was way good. We don´t know when Renato will be baptized for sure, but we know he will be. He's ready, he's prepared, he knows he needs to do it. So sometime soon!!

So, it's such a small world. A girl here in this ward, Sandra Roig, got back from her Temple Square Mission last week. We ate lunch with her and her family this past week and she knows both Emily Newman and Carly Porter! It was way fun to hear all about her mission and exactly what its like at Temple Square. So different from the mission down here for sure! Also, the other night Hermana Cozzens and I were walking along and heard someone say something to us in English. It was this guy and his wife...he had served his mission here about 3 years ago and was back visiting. Ends up he's from Kaysville and knows Uncle Scotts family! I think he told me his name was Jesse Jensen. But ya, so random huh!! Small world!

Basically this transfer has FLOWN by. Next week on the 25th we have changes. I don't know what will happen for sure. I'm sure I'll be staying but Hermana Cozzens could possibly be headed out to another area. We just don´t know! I really really am hoping and praying that we stay together for at least another change. We are just working so well together and really enjoying the mission. But, I feel like because I want us to stay that she'll leave. Ojala que no! But ya, I'll email next Thursday and let you know what happens!!

Well, it's pday and I'm excited because we don't have any plans to go anywhere or anything. Just kinda hang around our apartment. We are going to make some banana bread since the Elders in our District requested it for tomorrow...funny! And ya, thats about it.

Well familia, les amo muchisimo. I hope that all continues to go well for everyone up there!! Know that I love you all and miss you! Thank you for all your support and examples to me!

The church is true! We are so blessed!

Love you all lots!! Have a great week!!

Paz y amor,
Hermana Sargent

Me and Hermana Cozzens out and about in our area!

Pday with the District in the Centro.

Me and Hermana Cozzens.

A community of shack type homes here in our area.

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