Monday, September 13, 2010


Right now I'm in downtown....Hermana Cozzens and I got permission to come down here for a little we´ve been here for the past few hours.....walking around, shopping, bargaining, ate a yummy chinese lunch!, went to some historical sites and oh ya, we ran into some young Jehovahs Witnesses (one from Germany and the other from Kenya) and had about a 25 minute conversation English with them---it was very interesting...some of the first things they told is how we shouldn´t give blood and how there are only 144 thousand people who will make it to heaven. I was just like and what doctrine do you teach? All the things they were saying were very literal and different interpretations from the Bible. Totally strengthened my testimony of the church and the knowledge we have and def made me feel BG to be a representative of the true church!

Well, this past week has been challenging but very rewarding. At times I wonder why we have trying times and why can´t everything just go perfectly as planned...but I have to realize and keep in mind that everything is on the Lords time. I was reading in PMG earlier this week and it says something along the lines of how patience is the capacity to accept the Lords timing and endure delay without being anxious, frusturated, etc...and how if we feel stressed or frusturated there's something we can learn from the situation. It's really made me think a lot the past few days about okay, what does the Lord want me and need me to learn from this situation? One of the things I have learned is that we all have our agency. As missionaries, we can create that environment for people to learn, teach them, pray for them, encourage them and maybe even push them a little, but they have to have the desire and make the choice. And really, it's all about the Lords time when they´ll be ready to accept the gospel...or, when their parents will allow them to accept the gospel and be baptized. It's sad because the parents of couple of the youth we've been working just really are against the idea of baptism. But, we will continue to visit them every now and then. One day!!

So, Renato received the Priesthood yesterday! We were visiting him yesterday afternoon and he was asking about the Sacrament prayers because the Bishop told him this next Sunday he will bless it!

Friday night we had about 40 mins to knock doors before an appt and we came across this way USA status type house. We rang the doorbelll and a man came out and invited us in. He's a very well educated, Catholic man. He once talked with Elders in Chile before and was very open to listen and had several questions about the restoration. We felt impressed to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon so we explained what it was and shared our testimonies of it and handed him the book. He looked at the book and then at us and asked, you're giving me this book? We said yes. He looked down at the book again and then quietly said "I feel like you are giving me a part of you". We then testified of how yes, the Book of Mormon is a part of us. It's not just any book on the shelf but a book that has really, changed our lives and let us know more about our Savior and His teachings. We told him how this book brings us comfort and happiness and how we want him to have that too for himself and for his family. I know he felt something during the lesson. The message of the restoration and the Book of Mormon is powerful. I'm excited to visit him again this week!

Also, this past Tuesday we were trying to find an inactive but came across this 45ish year old woman, Gladis, who lives in a little garage and is buenisima....awesome! We went to pick her up for church Sunday morning and she came out wearing a skirt and had her Bible in hand. She really loved church and kept commenting about how nice everyone was and how organized it all was! This Wed night we're having a movie night in the chapel as a missionary activity...we're going to watch the Testaments (featuring skye!!) and she really wants to come! We're excited about her and the progress she's already made!

So ya, its been a good week! It seriously feels like it's been the fastest week ever. Time is flyyying. Still am loving my companion. Seriously, she's one of my best friends now. We've been in the process of memorizing more Spanish hymns together and it's been fun...we're always singing as we walk the streets which is kinda fun and keeps us focused too. We have really seen the Lords hand in the work and are so grateful for the guidance and direction He gives us each hour of every day. It really is His work!

I love you all! Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support. Suerte y exito con todo!

paz y amor,
hermana sargent

Me and Hermana Cozzens out on the street "jumping for joy" to preach the gospel :)

The palace here in downtown used to be the President of Paraguays office back in the 1800´s!

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