Monday, September 20, 2010


How are you all doing? I miss you all! This past week has been another awesome one here in Asuncion. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the blessings we've seen and received throughout this past week. 13 year old Fatima was baptized on Saturday night!! We've been teaching her for over a month now and the roadblock to the baptism font was her parents. They did not want to give their permission and wouldn't budge. Honestly, there were definitely times where I wanted to give up with the whole situation. I think the Lord was really testing our diligence and patience. We kept on visiting and teaching her, prayed daily for her parents hearts to be touched, fasted and hoped for the best. This past Tuesday we were out and about and felt prompted to go visit with Fatima a little earlier than we had planned. Her mom was sitting out by the stream in front of their house alone so we started to talk to her about Fatima and her desire to be baptized. She didn´t want to talk about it. Seriously though, one minute she was saying no and then all the sudden she said that she doesn't sign. We thought she was saying that she wouldn't sign but she was really saying she didn´t know how to sign. I pulled out my agenda and a pen so she could practice her signature. She did. Then she signed the actual paper! We couldn't believe it! It was a complete miracle. The Lord softened her heart. I know it. And once Fatima told her dad that her mom signed he was totally fine with it and even bought her a new pair of sandals to wear to her baptism. Chulina! Wow. What change! So ya, that's how it happened! Her baptism was extra special for us because Renato, who was baptized just 3 weeks ago, baptized her! It was definitley a special night!

We have such an awesome group of people we are teaching. The ward members are really getting excited about and into the work as well. We have a handful of people who are attending church, coming to the activities and are preparing for baptism within the next few weeks. Really, the Lord is blessing this area tremendously.

Hermana Cozzens and I were talking the other day about how the mission has really heped us become truly converted. I had a testimony before, but its different now. As missionaries, we aren't only helping others come closer to Christ, but ourselves too. We were talking about how there are so many RMs who go wayward after the mission and how really, we just don't understand how it happens. Hermana shared with me a quote by Sister Hinckley that says something along the lines of "I know this church is true. This is the Lord's work and He is at the helm. I have seen too much to ever deny it." Really, this is exactly how I feel. Each day we see the love of our Heavenly Father. We feel it and can see others feel it too. We see the hand of the Lord each day in His work. Miracles do happen. And the thing is, we don't have to be on a mission or have served one to have this knowledge. Whereever we are we are able to grow in the gospel and become closer to our Savior.

Okay, this is totally on a different topic but I just have to tell you that our apartment is like infested with cockroaches. Ahhh. Each night we find at least one in our kitchen and we don´t know where they a coming from. The thing is, they aren´t normal cockroaches...they´re HUGE!! Like, the length of my middle finger. No joke. I am such a baby and can't even go into the kitchen to kill them....but luckily I have a tough companion who isn't such a scaredy cat :)

Well family, I love you all tons!! Thank you for your support. Really, you are all awesome! Know that I pray for you all daily.

Loves from Asuncion!!

9-15-10 Shauna, Fatima, Hermana Cozzens.
Pictures of Fatimas baptism!!! yayyyy!! And, Renato baptized her!!


Hermana Cozzens, Shauna, Fatima and Renato!

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