Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, the work continues to go on here in Barrio Amambay. Hermana and I are really trying to find some solid new investigators to teach. We have set some goals and come up with a few ideas to find people and get them progressing. Looking forward to putting it all in action now. We do have some progressing investigators. On the top of our list is Gladis. She's been to church the past 3 weeks, has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, feels good about everything she is learning...but.....(theres always a but!) she wants to wait a little while to baptized. Hm. She is basically afraid to make such a big commitment....a huge part of Paraguayan culture is the tendency for people to shy away from making any sort of commitment or taking on responsibility. It's really sad because I have def learned that we have to make commitments and keep them in order to progress! I know Gladis will be baptized but its just a matter of when now. Hopefully soon! Hermana and I are really going to help her overcome this doubt she has and make it into the waters of baptism sooner than later!

So, Saturday was a highlight for this past week. We had the "servicio mundial"...supposedly all members in the church are doing big service projects this month. Is that true? Well, Saturday was the day here in Paraguay. Our stake was assigned to clean up a main road by one of the chapels here in Asuncion. We spent about 3 hours picking up trash, raking leaves and dirt and painting benches and curbs. It was a lot of fun! I totally enjoyed just being out with all the other missionaries and getting to know more members from the stake. I also loved the "amar es servir" pancho style shirts we got to wear too!

This past weekend I was able to finish the Book of Mormon. It has made me really reflect about the book and what it means to me. Throughout this year as I've had the opportunity to read it over and over I have really come to know and understand it better than ever before. I love the Book of Mormon. I love teaching about it and sharing it with the people here. It really does contain the fulness of the gospel and helps us know and become closer to our Savior. Before the mish, I'd read the Book of Mormon but that's it. I'd read a few verses or a chapter to mark it off my list but didn't really study, understand or apply it. Just read it. I remember there were days when I wouldn't even read it. Now, my day isn't complete without the Book of Mormon. I love sitting at my desk every morning with a colored pencil in hand knowing that I have the full hour to study. It's a powerful and true book. And, it's for everyone!

Well, next week on October 6th is transfers. Can you believe it?! This change has flown by. I think that Hermana Cozzens will be going and I'll be getting a new comp. But, we'll see. We totally want to stay together...but we feel that we might have changes. I'll be way sad to see her go. She is one of my best friends! But, I have learned over and over again that the Lord knows best and knows where and who we need to be with! We'll see what happens!

Oh! and general conference is this weekend!!! I'm soooo looking forward to it! We'll be able to watch the Sunday session for sure, but haven't heard about the other sessions. I can't wait though!!!

Well fam, know that I love you lots and am so BG for each one of you! I hope that you have a great week and enjoy conference weekend!

Shauna with her skinny jeans and pointed toe shoes!

Just a few pics from our service project on Saturday morning
with the Asuncion Stake! It was so fun!

Hermana Cozzens and Shauna with youth from the stake.

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