Monday, June 21, 2010


"How are you all? It sounds like you had a fab time at 'In the Heights'! A little pre-dessert party and then of course the show! I´m glad it lived up to everyones expectations. Oh man, I wish I could have been there to see it. Okay, get this..on Saturday morning during personal study I was reading in the Book of Mormon and came across 2 Nephi 17:11--look it up! I never knew the words ´in the heights´were in the Book of Mormon! Classic. And how funny that I read it the same day as you all went!"

"So my district is going to start having an activity together every Monday morning. I like it. It's fun to get to know people better. We all met at a chapel about a 30 min bus ride away, did our studying and played some water balloon volleyball. It was fun. I think my favorite part of the morning was our companion study together...our district leader had set up a big table for us all to sit around and for an hour we went around saying which each one of us studied/learned from our personal study this morning. I don´t know, it was just really good. I felt like I learned so much just from hearing all the Elders and Hna Potter share!"

"We are going to have a baptism this Friday! Little Dulce, who is 9 years old, will be getting baptized. She is just so cute and smart! Her mom and older sister have been less active members for a while now, but now that we are teaching Dulce they have all been coming to church!"

"As for other investigators---for some reason we are finding and working with a lot of youth who are progressing. 13 year old Ruben came to church yesterday for the first time. He has a baptism date in July and has permission from his mom which is good! We are teaching 15 year old Rosalee...she is funny. Her house is in between our apt and the church....and her house is a discoteca! Aka, club. So we´re always out sitting on the curb of the disco teaching her! I´m sure it looks a little weird. We need to work on having lessons with her in a house of a member or something!"

"Oh my gosh, so seriously, the craziest things seem to happen here in Leopardi. Hna Jara and I would always tell the Elders things that, when we got chased by that man, weird texts, they always ask what is going on in Leopardi as a joke. But okay, Wednesday night we had a 8pm meeting at the chapel with all of our ward missionaries and mission leader. It was about 7:45 and Hna Potter and I were making contacts just a couple blocks from the church when we noticed a bunch of police cars. We thought it looked a bit sketchy so we decided to stay away. At 8, we arrived at the church and were sitting there waiting for everyone else to show up when a policeman came up to us and told us how some guys had robbed a car from another nearby neighborhood, got in a wreck just a few blocks from the church, didn´t want to get caught so they supposedly ran to hide behind the church property where there is a big jungly field type area. Ah. Just after he told us this, a bunch of cops came, jumped the church fence and went searching for the robbers. How crazy huh?! The sad thing is we don´t even know how the story ended because when the other ward members got there, we just had a quick like 5 minute meeting in the street and left the scene. We didn´t hear any gun shots or anything so that's good! But ya, seriously, the most random things happen here and our area is supposedly more safe than other neighborhoods. But don´t worry..I really do feel totally safe!"

"Just last night we were looking for new investigators and clapped at a house and an older man came out. We asked if we could share with him and he let us in. I think he was hoping to teach us ´the truth´. At first he wouldn´t stop talking about the Catholic church and his beliefs. But, it was interesting because as we taught I could see a change in him. As we taught about the great Apostasy and the need for the Restoration he became silent and very attentive. The Spirit was strong. He then was asking good questions about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. After we left I told Hna Potter how I am always amazed at how the Spirit touches and softens so many peoples hearts. We see it daily here. It is amazing!"

"Okay, funny thing. Yesterday while eating lunch with the Aquino family our conversation turned into a Spanish/English study session. Their daughters who are 21 and 19 wanted to hear Hna Potter and I speak English because they´ve been studying. So we were talking and they said that Hna Potter talks more like English-Brit and then they said ´Hna Sargent talks just like the girls on the show Gilmore Girls!´. Ah, I couldn´t help but laugh. Guess i haven´t lost my accent :)"

"It sounds like everyone is doing good! Thank you for all your love and support, letters and prayers! I love you all so much and miss you bunches!! The church is true! I love the Gospel."

Paciencia y fe....

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