Monday, June 14, 2010


"This past week has been another good one. Basically, I continue to be amazed with the Lords help, blessings and tender mercies. Last weekend I just felt like, we were not finding anyone. This week the Lords hand led us to many new investigators. We were busy, taught close to 50 lessons, going quickly from appointment to appointment. I love missionary work. We met a lady who when after teaching her lesson 1 about the Restoration told us how "just yesterday my friend who I haven´t seen in years came over and was telling me how two young men who came to her house and were teaching her about Joseph Smith and we were talking about him yesterday--and now here you two are just the day after to answer my questions I had about him¨. Seriously, little things like this stregnthens my testimony that things aren´t a coincidence. Heavenly Father has a plan!"

"The ward members are helping out a ton with the work!...or continuing to do so! I´m pretty sure I mentioned how we had eight ward missionaries called. This past Thursday we had our first meeting with them all...awesome! They all have their own companionships and assignments to further the work and especially help out with recent converts and inactive families! I seriously just love the members in this ward. They are such good examples to me of always being willing and ready to serve."

"Yesterday we had Stake Conference....amazing! I always like the crazy bus ride to the stake center with the bus stopping all along the way picking up anyone in a white shirt and tie! And okay, guess who spoke at the conference? The Huffakers! It was so fun to look up at the stand and see familiar American faces. It was one point during President Huffakers talk he was talking about missionary work and had all of us missionaries stand up for people to know us. He then said that actually one of the missionaries is from his Stake back in Arizona..Hermana Sargenta! The whole congregation turned around to look at me. ha! Also, Sister Huffaker shared her testimony ...she doesn´t know too much Espanol, but she did a great job! Too cute! The whole conference was just really good and uplifting...talked a lot about families and the temple! We had a couple investigators with us and they really enjoyed the whole thing as well!"

"Okay, totally random...but last night i finished my first journal from the mish!"

"And other random thing...we now have hot water!! Yay for that!!"

"Well, okay, things are good here. Lots of work to do. I am grateful for the Gospel and for this opportunity to serve. I´m so grateful for the guidance of the Spirit in our every day lives."

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