Monday, June 7, 2010


"So, this weekend passed by fast. We´ve been knocking doors and looking for references lots these past few days to try and get a good pool of investigators. I kinda feel like we are starting from scratch. We have like 1 progressing investigator, 18 yr old Fabiola who should be getting baptized this month. But other than that....we´re looking. Saturday night I was pretty discouraged. I just felt like we were teaching, teaching teaching, looking, looking and not having, not finding people who are interested. I was especially feeling bummed because we didn´t have one person who was for sure going to be at church on Sunday...and that is like a si or si thing for me. We were praying lots and fasting for our investigators and the Lord blessed us once again by allowing us to have an investigator at church. Sunday morning we had literally taken about 3 steps out of our apartment when we heard ´chicas, chicas´....there was a man, Richard, who we had contacted on the street on Thursday night and he was walking to church! It seriously made Hna Potter and I both so happy! Such a blessing and answer to our prayers! We have an appointment with him for this week and hope he will progress!"

"Things with Hna Potter are going good. A couple of you asked if I missed having a native. Five months ago I never thought I would say this...but YES! I miss having a native as a comp. Hna Potter has only had a native comp for 6 weeks/1 transfer out of her 9 months here in we´ve definatly had different experiences. Our companionship with the two of us now is different than Hna Jara and I, but good. I can learn a lot from each of my companions, and learn to be patient. They are like practice husbands, but not."

"Hna Potter has actually been sick these past couple days..well, not like sick sick. Basically she feels fine but her voice has been totally gone which has left me to do about 90% of the teaching and contacting. Her voice seems to be coming back today....hope so! I need a companion! In the streets and with the people we always talk Spanish and in the apartment it just depends. Probably about half and half. A lot of Spanglish. It's funny though, I feel like at times its almost harder for me to actually talk in English. I often am like what is that word again? Oh ya!"

"Pedro, our recent convert, is doing good! The only thing is I´m sad because he may be moving to soon! Ahhh. He almost moved before his baptism but something happened..but now I think its for real. It is sad because he´s only 17 years old...didn´t finish highschool. Just working. Paraguay is really bad with people working who are underage. Like for instance, on the busses there are always like 10 year old boys selling fruit and candies while they should be in school. It's just such a different culture."

"Yesterday at church the Bishop called 8 ward missionaries to serve with us! Yay! We´re excited!! It's a bunch of young single adults and youth..should be good!"

"Well, the rest of this week is pretty normal. District meeting tomorrow. My district leader called me last night and asked me to teach the lesson...hope it goes good. This weekend is our Stake Conference. We´ll only be going to the Sunday session but I´m excited...and I hope we can have a handful of investigators come with us as well!"

"Well familia...thanks for everything! Hope you are all doing good and having a fun summer up there in the AZ! You are all the best!"


Hermana Sargent

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