Monday, February 15, 2010 Espanol!

"Okay, so I really feel like each week goes by a little bit faster than the last."

So, we ended up having interviews last Tuesday with president Callan...SO good. I love interviews. Totally enjoy talking with him...about the missionary work, Paraguay, everything! And Sister Callan too! It's so cute, Sister Callan whenever we say bye she´ll give me a big hug and say ´love ya´...I told her she is like my Paraguay mom! They are great people. Tomorrow we have Zone Conference and I´m seriously way excited about it! We have to be there at 8:30 and it usually lasts til about 5...however, that time of day busses and traffic is a bit crazy so we usually don´t get back to our area until 7! It's an all day event. I got a call last night from the assistants to president asking me to say a prayer at the conference. And to prepare for conference, President Callan asked us all to read PMG ch 10 and 11...we´ll be focusing a lot on teaching! I´m excited!"

"Our investigators are doing really good! Laura and Leticia are still on track for their Feb 26th baptisms! They are both really excited about it..they´ll have their inteviews this Saturday afternoon with Elder Parke. Laura is hilarious to me...she is a bigger woman, kinda has a different accent, laughs a lot and always calls me ´Sargent´. Its cute! I am really so grateful for the Relief Society sisters who have really helped out with Laura and Leticia and embraced them. Members seriously help so gives investigators a friend and to see a ´normal´member of the church...not just us missionaries!"

"Okay..and remember 17 year old Ismael? Well, he is back in the picture now. We talked to him this past week and straight up asked him if he wants to meet with us. He said yes and we´ve had a couple lessons with him since...he is now preparing for a march 5th baptism. I hope he can really do it this time around!"

"Yesterday at church was kinda crazy...gathering investigators, I taught gospel principles again, played piano in Sacrament meeting and gave a talk about the Atonement! I really enjoyed preparing for my talk and studying about the Atonement this week. I feel like I have gained a better knowledge. How grateful I am for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us. Only He could make such a sacrifice. I know He is our Savior and our Reedemer. Only through Him can we be rescued from our fallen state and gain eternal life. However, it is so important for us to take on our accept Him and continually use the Atonement in our lives!"

"Okay....Jac asked me how I do my laundry. We have a sink, a couple big bowls, a bar of detergent soap and a sponge! We hang everything to dry on a clothesline. You all should BG for your washers and dryers!! haha :)"

"Okay, this past week while we were eating lunch at the Canete home they asked me where my parents are I was explaining they are from UT but moved to AZ. However....I accidentally said mudieron which means they died, instead of muraron which means they moved. OOPS! Sorry mom and dad! Everyone at the table got quiet and I couldn´t figure out why. Hna Castaneda asked if I meant to say muraron...I quickly realized what I had said and clarified! After I clarified we all got a good laugh out of it! Espanol!"

"Oh, when returning to our area this morning from playing volleyball I was sitting behind a 30 year old woman and I felt prompted to talk to her. I tapped her on the shoulder and started a conversation asking what part of Asuncion she was from. Quickly our conversation lead to the church. Turns out a couple years ago she had Elders that taught her about 5 times....she has read parts of the Book of Mormon and really likes what she heard but I guess the reason she stopped listening was because the Elders who taught her got changed and it was kinda the end. It was really good to talk to her and explain how missionaries are always changing, but the members are the same and will be their for support. And more than that, we have a loving Heavenly Father who will always be there for us. Our conversation ended because she had to get off the bus, but she said that she would pass by the church this Sunday. I have no clue if she will....but at least her ´seed´has been watered a little more! It's amazing who is placed on our path to talk to!"

"Missionary work really does continue to move forward. It amazes me. We have progressing investigators and a bunch of new investigators we are hoping will progress. I was telling my comp this past week how there is no way I could do this whole mission thing if it wasn´t for my Heavenly Father. He helps us out so much. With investigators, members, my Spanish, contacts, our health....every little thing!! I am so grateful for Him! I am amazed with His love for each one of us. He knows us. I know He lives, that Jesus is the Christ and that the gospel has been restored!"

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  1. The pictures truly are "worth a thousand words!" Makes me want a Hermana Sargent in our mission!!