Monday, February 8, 2010


"Things are good down here in Paraguay. This past week has been the hottest yet by far. Seriously, muchismo calor!! I guess its been so hot that some water companies have shut off the water leaving a lot of people without water for 5 or 6 days now. Luckily we have it in our apt. but some people are scrounging for water to bathe, wash clothes, cook, etc. crazy."

"Wednesday I came down with a major cold. Which is weird since its so hot here. I basically felt like I was going to die. Almost as bad as when i had a canker. Ha! But for real, congested, fever, and my whole body just ached. We probably walked close to ten miles that day which didn´t help. It was miserable. I finally decided to call Sister Callan at about 7 that night to ask what the rules were about retiring to our apt a little early. She said if its just a cold to keep on working. so I did. But that night after we planned I drank some juice, showered and crashed. I was exhausted to say the least! These past four days or so I have felt much better! Def a blessing! However, the only thing is is my voice is like gone. No pain in my throat, just can´t talk that well. Today it's a little better than it has been, so I´m hoping it will continue to heal soon!!"

"Saturday morning we had an appointment planned at 11am. We went to the house and she wasn´t home...which happens a ton. However, the Lord always, always places other people in our path. We came across this little random dirt road that is just barely in our limits that we´d never been down before. We weren´t even sure if it had houses but we came across 5 very humble homes that were nestled in the jungla with trees all around. At each house we clapped at the people were so kind and allowed us to share a message with them. We have some follow up appointments this week which i´m excited about!"

"Yesterday was Fast and Testimony meeting. I really enjoy listening to the members share their testimonies of the gospel. It strengthens my testimony for sure. Giblerto Cabellero, baptized in August, has shared his testimony numerous times now in our gospel principles class but never in sacrament meeting. Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting I was sitting near him and I could tell he wanted to bear his testimony but was nervous. He leaned over and asked me if he should go up. I told him that it was up to him but if the Spirit is prompting him, he should. He waited a little bit and then made his way up to the pulpit and shared such a sincere testimony.....all in Guarani of course! I couldn´t understand all the words, or even close to all the words....but I could understand. It's like how it says in Preach My Gospel...there is one language...the language of the Spirit. How grateful I am for these new members we visit with each week! They are awesome!!"

"So, I have been teaching people here how to lead music! It is the funnest thing! No one here knows how to do the whole 3-4 or 4-4 thing so usually everyone asks me to lead...but now more people are learning and can do it! Makes my little missionary heart happy!"

"Well, I love missionary work. I feel blessed that the Lord has allowed me to be an instrument in His hands. Sometimes I wonder why he trusts me to preach His gospel...but with His help I can do it! I am so grateful for prayer and for a Heavenly Father who listens. All the time. I often find myself praying as I walk along the streets. I know he listens! I am grateful for a living prophet on the earth today...for his guidance and counsel to us all. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon and for the opportunity to read and study from it daily. It is a true book. I know this gospel is true!!"

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