Monday, February 22, 2010


"This week has been a bit crazy. It's been one of the more challenging weeks for sure. We´ve had a bunch of sad things take place. First off, Enudino, a new member who was baptized mid September of last year passed away. He was 54 years old, the skinniest man I´ve ever seen, lived by himself and honestly had nothing. His family all lives in Spain and I guess about 4 years ago he went to Brazil for something, his documents were lost, had no money and couldn´t return to he ended up in Paraguay somehow. We would visit with him about once a week while sitting on buckets outside his house and some Sundays, pick him up for church. Sad that he passed away, but honestly, in a way I´m happy for him because he´s in a better place now! He was so lonely here."

"There are so many people here who think they have the truth...but they don´t realize that they don´t have the complete gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the Restoration and for the knowledge we have! However, despite the roadblocks, we´ll continue to teach other people who we have found this past week. I am grateful for the Lord and for His help. There have been some low times this week, but He is always there to help us out and to meet another person who we can invite to come unto Him."

"Zone conference was this past Tuesday! Each one gets better and better. They´re awesome! Elder Moore from my MTC distrit was there along with Hermana Rencher! It was so fun to see two familiar faces. It's funny, I don´t even know Hna Rencher that well....just from being neighbors in the MTC and such...but I feel like shes one of my good friends! She's only 1 transfer ahead of me but on her 3rd comp. Her first two were from the US, but now she's with a sister from Peru. It was so fun to talk to her! We got to talk for a bit too! And of course Elder Moore and I walked down memory lane talking about the MTC. It's sad, Elder Short from our district went home....but as for the rest of the Elders who came with me, they are good and surviving the jungla! Seriously, ZC is the best. Pres and Sister Callan are awesome. I always think about Gordon and Janis getting ready to do what they are doing! This zone conference we focused a lot on teaching and how we can better our teaching. Really, the way to better teach is to really know the doctrine. Everything we talk about with people on the streets, in the store, in their houses, etc...can relate back to the doctrine of the gospel. I always leave ZC feeling so pumped up and rejuvenated...ready to go! Can't wait til the next one!!"

"Yesterday at church a ward mission leader was called. David Canete...who was Christians comp. He is super excited and having a ward mission leader and ward missionaries will help out tremendously with the work!"

"Okay, I was thinking about my Spanish...and I have come to the conclusion that ´verdad´is my new ´like´. When I talk in Spanish I´ll always say ´verdad?´ at the end of my sentences, even if I´m not asking a question....its kinda funny! I think I get it from Silvia, the 22 year old who helps us out sometimes! She´s like my Paraguayan Kellie!"

"I thought I couldn´t do it. However, have to admit, the Lord knows best. this change has been the best one. I feel like we´ve actually gotten to know each other and work well together. Definitely still challenging times, but overall, it's good. I´m pretty much certain I'll be getting a new comp next change...however...I feel like I have no clue because that's what I thought last time!"

"This afternoon at 3 we are going to the Canetes house to make chipas with Hna Canete and Silvia...yay! Chipa is a type of bread type thing here. Pretty tasty so I´m excited to learn how to make them! It´ll be fun....I always laugh alot with Silvia and Hna Canete..they are fun! Then at 6 today we have a couple appts and an FHE with the Caballeros....which means I´ll most likely be playing áirplane with pequeno (guarani Kaleb) and Laura. They have a hammock that hangs from these 2 big mango trees in their yard and they´ll sit in the hammock and tell me where they want to go...usually the campo, Brazil, Spain, etc...and depending on how far it is from their house I´ll either push them really high or not. Its so cute! They just laugh and laugh! They get the biggest kick out of it! Pequeno Caberello is adorable. A couple weeks ago he randomly asked, Hermana Sargent..where is your mom? It was like his little mind was thinking why is this girl a little bit different from the rest of us and always at my house and where is her mom! So now when we play airplane he likes to go to Arizone to give ´saludos´a mi madre! How cute is that!!"

"I am so grateful for this time to serve a mission. I´m so grateful for this church and the gospel in our lives. I know it's true. I don´t have a doubt about it."

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