Monday, January 18, 2010


"Another week has come and gone. Crazy! This week has been good. Full of ups and downs for me. We´ve been busy...teaching lots. Its just so hard to get people to commit and progress. We´ll contact someone, have an awesome lesson and then they´ll like disappear. Makes it difficult to have progressing investigators. However...I need to remember that we are planting seeds!"

"Last Tuesday we had zone conf all day. LOVE zone conf. It was especially fun this time around because there was another hermana from the states there...hermana Edwards, from West Jordan, UT who is a communications major at BYU. Way cute and way fun to talk with her! She's been here for just 2.5 months longer than me and her Spanish was really good! Gives me hope! Pres. CAllan focused on working with members and strengthening the ward. Pres. Callan is awesome. I think all of us missionaries hang onto every word he says! In our ward we don´t have a ward mission leader or anything so my comp and I are trying to work with the Bishop on that. There aren´t too many people to choose from for leadership positions...and some people already have 2 callings! Hopefully we can get someone called soon! "

Hermanas Castaneda, Shauna, Valente, Lozano, Callan, Jara, Edwards
"Hermana Callan and the six Hermanas at Zone Conference!"
"Oh my gosh!! I had my first like really weird experience on Friday afternoon. So we´re walking along the street and clap at a little green house. A senora comes out, we invite her to our church, and then she goes inside to get her husband who is about 35ish. He comes out, is really nice and invites us to sit down on his patio. he starts talking...and wouldn´t stop! He´s Brazillan and knows more Portugese than Spanish and was really fascinated with the fact that I was an American. He has a younger man, a profesor, living at his house who knows English so he had him translate Portugese to English for me. Seriously, I can´t even describe the situation to give it justice! Basically, this Brazillan was speaking to me in a really loud, energetic voice and the translator guy was just as into it. Crazy facial expressions and huge arm movements. I was trying not to laugh so hard! The Brazillan was talking about the fire..meaning the Holy Ghost and how it started in the US but isn´t there anymore because of pride and money. He told me that I didn´t have the Holy Ghost because I´ve only lived in America. Hm. We finally got him to stop talking and told him we needed to leave. He wanted to say a 20 minute long prayer before we left but we said we didn´t have he agreed that we´d have 1 min for a prayer and then he´d have 1 min for a prayer. I said the prayer and just as I was ending it he starts yelling hallelujah SO loud. It was weird. Then, it was his turn to pray. He lifted up his arms high in the air and started talking. All the sudden I felt his hand on my head and I quickly moved away. The translator guy was translating this whole time and told me that because I´ve come to paraguay I have received the Holy Spirit from this Brazillan man. Uh, to say the least it was just weird. We quickly left after the prayer!"
"Oh! We get to go to the temple on Feb 2nd. I´m SUPERRR excited. I feel like it has been forever! I hope I can understand since it's in Spanish. But nonetheless, I´m just so excited to be in the temple again!"
"Well, this afternoon we are going to the karduzos house at 4....Hermana Karduzo is going to teach my comp and I how to make empanadas!! fun huh! I´m excited! I´ll have to make them for you all when I return. Her empanadas are by far the best I´ve had down here! And, I´m teaching her how to make waffles....she randomly has a waffle iron but doésn´t know how to use it or have a recipe! Thanks mom for sending the recipe!!! Tonight we have an appointment with an investigator at 6. We´re hoping to talk to her about baptism. We have taught her twice but really need to figure out what her motives are! At 8 tonight we are having an FHE at the Romeros house. Some of their family is active, but some inactive so it´ll be good to do an FHE with them. We are also inviting new converts like Luis and Fabian which will be good! Looking forward to it!"
"The church is true. How blessed we are to have such knowledge in our lives!!"

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