Monday, January 11, 2010


"Well, things are great down here! This past week has been crazy busy! The Lord has blessed us with the ability to find people to teach. It´s like there is an overflowing amount of people all the sudden--we don´t have enough time to teach everyone--I often have found myself thinking I wish there were a couple more hours in the day! We´ve been super busy going from house to house and I feel like we have found some of those who are prepared. For instance--Thursday afternoon we were trying to contact a reference..we clapped at the wrong house..but it was so meant to be! We met Maria Teresa, a 55 yr old ish woman whose husband died just 4 months ago. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and how through this gospel families can be together forever. We taught her again on Saturday, and she came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it and is now preparing for baptism! The Lord has really helped us start off 2010 the right way--we have seen His hand lead and guide us and really have seen small miracles each day!"

"Luis was baptized Friday night!! His 7 o´clock baptism didn´t start til 8:30 because at about 5pm that afternoon a HUGE, and i mean HUGE storm hit! It was crazy. We were totally drenched but were happy that a total of 12 people were there to support him and help with the program! And okay, whoever was supposed to fill up the font put only a little bit of water in last minute, there we were using pots and pitchers to fill up the font! So funny to me! Baptisms are always crazy here!! Luis is awesome though! He was confirmed yesterday in church. Also, at church yesterday he told us how late Saturday night he got a call from a friend inviting him to a party. At first, Luis said yes and started to get ready. He was in the shower when he had a strong impression that he shouldn´t go....because there would be temptation to drink and because church was early that next morning. He got out of the shower and called his friend to tell him that he wouldn´t be going to the party. When Luis told us this my eyes got all teary. It seriously is awesome to see people change and make good decisions on their own!!"
"Transfers are coming up as well...I think it´ll be the 27th. Soo...just over 2 weeks to go and I´ll be in my 3rd change. Weird. I´m about 99 percent sure I´ll be getting a new comp. However, not sure if I´ll stay in this area or be moved. H. Castaneda has been in this area for over 5 I´m not sure if they move us sisters around too often. We´ll see I guess! I´m excited for transfers though. There are 10 of us from the USA and 8 sisters from South we´ll see who I end up with! "

Shauna and Hermana Castaneda
"We were teaching on the person's patio and a big storm hit-we were stranded on our chairs. Tons of rain---flooded their house."

"Under my umbrella....." "When it rains--it pours!!"

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