Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 1st finds Shauna happy to hear from everyone and "FREEZING" at the MTC. Fall has made its way to Utah!

-Tomorrow, October 2nd marks her l month mark in the MTC! She says, "Halfway through with the MTC and 1/18 done with the whole mission. It's gonna fly by."

-On Monday an entire district in her zone left for Mexico. Two Elders from her District, Elder Mills and Elder Bishop were called to be Zone leaders. She was suprised, only because there are districts in her zone that have been there longer and she thought they would pull from those with more experience. However, she is quick to say that they'll do a great job. Their new district leader is Elder Roheten.

Highlights from her week:
-Sunday morning mission conference. She has been to two now and only has one more the day before she leaves for Paraguay.
-Tuesday night devotional featured Elder Nadauld, of the Seventy, and his wife spoke. She loves having General Authorities come to visit each week.
-General Conference this week is what she is most looking forward to. Classes are cancelled on Saturday. The Sisters will view the General RS broadcast while the Elders are at the Priesthood session.

"Spanish is really starting to pick up. More so than before. I feel like my brain is on overload right now."

Here is what she said about going to Paraguay...
"Yesterday I was talking to a couple of sisters and a teacher here overheard me saying that I was going Paraguay. He came up to me after and said he just got back from my mission a couple of years ago. It was so cool to talk to him. He was telling me anda couple of Elders that will be going down there with me all these crazy stories and adventures he had. One of the Elders asked it it was really third world like how people say it is and the teacher said "oh ya!" Seriously, it's gonna be so different down there but I'm so excited. Ahhhh...1 more month!!"

-The MTC has come out with announcement saying that the missionaries aren't allowed to shake hands/hug/touch anyone because flu season has arrived. They are trying to keep germs to a minimum. Shauna says, "Def a good idea. I do not want the swine!!"

She ends her email with "Well, that about it. Things are going good. Still loving it here. The usual." Then, "the church is true! I love studying and learning about it more and more each day!!"

With that attitude she's going to make one great missionary!!

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