Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 1-8, 2009

-Shauna expresses her shock at hearing about Clint Blaser's death. "I am so sad. I feel so bad for Jackie and the six kids. Crazy. It really does put things into perspective. And, makes me appreciate the gospel even more! I hope the funeral went well yesterday and that they are doing okay. They are in my prayers!"

-Her week has "FLOWN" by.

-She says, "So, wasn't General Conference basically great? I felt like I was hanging on to each word. I didn't want it to end. Like most every other member of the church, I LOVED Elder Hollands talk. It was so powerful and made me pumped up to go and share the Book of Mormon and its mesage with the people down in Paraguay!!"

-Her "hoodie" arrived and she has slept warmly the last few nights. She was happy to see that the hoodie didn't arrive alone but had a package of her favorite, Sour Patch Kids, and homemade caramel everything bars. She says..."with lots of oats. (wait, horse? haha) My roommates loved the bars too.....they are delish!!"

-She had the task of teaching in the TRC this week. She had to carry on a conversation in Spanish for fifteen minutes, and then teach a thirty-five minute lesson. Here is her experience...
"It actually went really good! I never really realized how the gift of tongues is real and that it actually works until I got to the MTC. It's awesome!! will NEVER guess who we taught?? President Callins (my soon-to-be Mish President) son. SUCH a small world. So, we go in there and I ask about his family and he tells us how he's from Farmington but his parents are in South America. A lightbulb clicked in my head. I asked what his last name was and he said Callin. I totally forgot about the whole Spanish thing and was like, "Oh my gosh--your dad is my Mission President!" It was way cool. But, talk about having some pressure. I felt like I had to do extra, extra good teaching and with my Spanish because he said he was going to email his dad and mom about meeting me! Also, he told me how his Dad got called to be a Mission President... he said he used to be a Stake President and got released. Elder Nelson was there to release him and told Pres. Callin and his family to enjoy him while they could. Two months later Pres. Callin met with Pres. Eyring and was call to be Mission President. Pretty cool, huh?? Made me even more excited to get down there and meet them!!"

-Five new Sisters joined their Zone yesterday. She was the one to give them the tour and help them out. "Way cute girls." Three of them are going to Guatemala, one to Honduras and one to El Salvador. She loves hearing about where everyone is going!

-For all of you who know Shauna well, this will bring a smile to your face... "My District has officially made me the whiteboard scribe. Yes, we have two big whiteboards in our classroom...and I'm the scribe. They call it the "Sargent font." Kinda funny. Whiteboards have a special place in my heart...haha!"

-And about her District..."Um, I basically LOVE my district more and more each day. Everyone is seriously the best. We laugh so much everyday. I love it. But, when it's time to be serious, everyone is focused, helping each other out, and working hard. I even have a handful of the Elders saying "presh" now too, which is kinda entertaining."

-Her District has been chosen to host the new incoming missionaries a week from today. They will be the missionaries at the curb meeting the new missionaries. She says, "I just want to give the parents and new missionary a big hug and be like "You'll love it here--it's all good!" I'm really looking forward to helping out with it!

-When her district attended the temple last week they were invited to speak to the Temple Recorder after their session. They were able to ask any question. "A neat learning experience for sure."

Her parting words..."Well fam, the mission life is good. I am continuing to love it here. Each day gets better and better. Of course I have times where I'm just like ugh, I don't think I can learn anymore or do this...but then something so good happens and it gets me so pumped up again. It's amazing to me how the Lord works and helps us out. It's something that I've learned more these past five weeks than ever before. He is there, and we can do anything with His help. I know it."

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  1. I love that last quote of her's.
    She is doing so great and it makes me sooo incredibly happy!!! :)