Friday, October 2, 2009

Highlights from the week September 24-30...

-Shauna now has 3 new roommates. They were put into a trio and needed a room for three so now there are six girls in the room! "It's kinda crazy, but its fun." They are all Spanish speaking but are in a different zone, so they just see them early in the AM and late PM.

-She was able to help out sisters who had arrived new to the MTC. She loved showing them around--gave them a little tour of the residence hall and building..."fun stuff".

-Her tri-companionship is going great. She really likes Hermana Green and Denker so she is finding it "fun" to be together! She says "I'm just glad we all get along and everything...I hear stories of campanionships not liking each other at all...that would be no bueno."

-She shares this experience..."This past Tuesday we taught at the TRC. Whenever we get to the TRC we have a task we have to do and then we have 35 minutes to teach the assigned lesson. The task for this past week was to have a 15 minute Spanish...with the "investigator" about his home and family life, and following up on their commitment to read the Book of Mormon. Kinda tricky to do in Espanol...but i feel like we did pretty well. Its amazing how the Spirit really works and that when you are teaching and doing the Lords will He will help you out. On Tuesday I said a few phrases we haven't even gone over in class yet and that I had no idea I knew. It's pretty awesome how we really do become an instrument of the Lord. After our task, we then taught the 2nd lesson...the Plan of English. It went good. Its fun to teach! Someone asked about memorizing the lessons...we don't really memorize them...but rather just know the doctrine from each lesson and then teach how the Spirit prompts us to. This next Tuesday will be our last lesson we teach in English...and then we are doing all Spanish from the on out. EEEK! I'm excited though!"

-The Spanish teachers are awesome. It seems strange to her that they are probably just her age and maybe a little younger. They seem much older to her!

-"My district has started a new thing this past week where we read the Book of Mormon outloud together every morning from 7-7:45. It's been a great addition to our daily schedule. Def a good way to start off the day!"

-Shauna is enjoying singing in the choir of 580 missionaries. They sang at the Tuesday night devo "Behold the Wounds in Jesus Hands". The devos pump her up to be a better missionary.
She describes the choir director as "an older man and he totally reminds me of Grandpa at times!"

-Summer seems to be over and the air is chilly! She loves to look up at the mountains and see the leaves beginning to change colors.

-Her plans for the day included laundy, letter writing, temple attendance.

-Quote of the day-"Well, things are going great. I LOVE it here. I was thinking back the other day to how I was so indecisive about coming on a mission and how i am so BG that I finallly decided to just do it! Best decision I have ever made."

-She leaves us with a challenge to read the Book of Mormon introduction and testimony of the three witnesses and Joseph Smiths testimony. She had re-read it and said that "it seriously was such a testimony strengthener! El Libro de Mormon is buenisimo!!"


  1. I am just more and more happy for her every time I read her weekly updates! :)

  2. i am too!! (referring to alli's comment).
    Seriously, it is just so great she is out there teaching! such a good leader and example to many...she will do AMAZING.
    GO Hermana Sargent!