Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FIRST LETTER DAY!! Just a few highlights from the MTC...

-Shauna is in a district of 8 Elders and 4 Sisters. 6 of the 8 Elders will be reporting to Paraguay the same day she is.

-She loves her companion, Sister Denker, from the DC area. She knew right away that they would get along when she saw that she was the only other Sister that was wearing a pencil skirt when they arrived!! And then, within five minutes, Sister Denker asked to take a picture of the two of them and held the camera a foot away from their faces and snapped a shot!! Totally like something Shauna would do!!

-Loves her classes. Her two teachers served missions recently in Chile and Argentina. She is studying Spanish and the Gospel non-stop. She loves being in a learning environment. Two days after arriving they were able to pray in Spanish...she is already seeing miracles happen with the Gift of Tongues.

-Her Branch President (aka mission pres) is President Estes. Their district was informed that all Sacrament meetings are in Spanish. She was very impressed with her Branch Presidency. Some have been Mission Presidents, Stake Presidents, etc...well schooled in the Gospel.

-She arrived the same day as a few of her friends. She has seen them and it's been fun for her.

- Her p-days will be on Thursdays, so we should get email from her then.

-The best part of the letter was the ending...
"As much as I miss you all, I am so glad I'm at the MTC and decided to serve a mission.
The church is true, the Spirit is real, Heavenly Father loves us--I can't wait to get down in Paraguay and share such a happy message!"

-The PS was in typical Shauna style..
"There are many "SOG's" here. Haha! :)" SOG is the new (missionary appropriate) term for MC (mini-crush). Translated, SOG stands for Son of God. Shauna will always be Shauna!!

So our Hermana Sargent is happy and well. Letter days are going to be the best!!


  1. Hillarious on the SOG comment! Typical Shauna - love it! She seems like she fits perfectly there! Sounds so happy! :)

  2. I think Mark actually came up with SOG for her! But we didn't like how the girls would be DOG's! Lots of laugher during that conversation that's for sure...glad she included it in her letter! :)

  3. I am so happy! Sounds like everything is great for Sister Sargent. So glad she loves her companion. She will be the best missionary!

  4. Pencil skirts...love it! Glad she is lovin' it. Makes it easier on the rest of us. :)