Friday, September 4, 2009

Shauna arrives in SLC and is greeted by her sister, Natalie. She is still all smiles.

Two of Shauna's roommates, Ashley Petersen and Jordan Miles from BYUI, travel down to the airport to see her. She said it was so much fun to see them. It was the perfect send-off!

After lunching together with Natalie at Zupas it was time to actually enter the MTC. Natalie parked across the street so they could walk over together. Shauna leads the way.....

Probably every missionary has this picture standing in front of the Missionary Training Center.

But not everyone has their picture with Natalie in front of the MTC sign!!

A few Elders were there at curbside to greet the incoming missionaries. They gave her a run-down of what to expect her first day and then said it was time to go. After goodbye hugs with Natalie she was ready. The Elders took her bags and she followed.

After a summer of preparing for this day,
her mission to Paraguay, Asuncion had officially begun!

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