Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We heard from Shauna twice this week! The first was an email from the MTC on her first P-day. The second was hand written the same day--she indicated that she just didn't have enough time at the computer to say all she wanted. Here are some highlights from her first week at the MTC...

-The week had passed by "super fast" and she was grateful to no longer be a "newbie" on the MTC campus.

-Sunday was awesome. She had an interview with President Estes and was called to be the Coordinating Sister for her district and zone. She describes it as the girl version of a District Leader. Her service will include attendance at Branch Council with 6 or 7 District Leaders and the Presidency. She will work with 2 Zone Leaders orienting the new elders and sisters when they are put in their zone. It was Fast Sunday and in place of Relief Society they had a Mission Conference. Their zone was able to go on a "temple walk" and walk around the grounds of the Provo Temple. To quote, "It was a really busy day, but a good Sunday. I feel like every day is a Sunday here."

-She and her companion, Sister Denker were able to teach an "investigator" the first lesson. They really felt like missionaries.

-Gym time is fun! Indoor tracks, weights, b-ball courts, four-square courts and a huge open field. Hermana Denker is an aerobic instructor so a group of sisters do kick boxing or aerobic workouts.

-She already loves those in her district! She calls them her "11 new besties." They laugh, share testimonies and were even able to attend the temple together.

-Shauna's wish. "I kinda wish the church made all sisters serve a mission because it's such a great, unique experience. I can't even describe it! It is by far the most hard thing I have ever done so far in my life, but at the same time I absolutely love it."

-Sister Denker and Shauna are able to do much of their studying outside. She tells us that there are 52 languages being taught at the MTC. While studying, random companionships will ask for a moment of their time and share a message. She has heard messages in Spanish, German, Chinese, and many others.

-Her favorite part of the day is her classes! She expresses in Spanish this testimony...
"Yo quiero mi testimonia con ustedes que yo se que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial. El nos ama. Yo se que Jesu Cristo es nuestro Salvador y Redentor. Yo testifico que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero y la palbra de Dios. Yo muy agracedo por la iglesia y el evangelio en mi vida. Estoy agracedo por ustedes, mi familia."

-One of her biggest fears came to fruition. She had to have her blood drawn. Paraguay requires all who enter the country to have an HIV test. She was grateful for the six Elders (also going to Paraguay) who kept her laughing so she didn't pass out!

-Working with the President has been a blessing. Her eyes have been opened as she works with missionaries who have obedience problems. She says, "Obedience is really how we are able to learn and receive blessings--I don't know why any Elder or Sister would want to risk either of those two things! Or anyone for that matter!!"

From all indications so far, we think it's fair to say that she is loving her experience there in the MTC, and taking advantage of all there is to offer. Thursday can't come soon enough to hear from her again!!


  1. We just got back from dropping off Carly! It was great I really did good :) That is until I started ready your blog as soon as I got home. Both tears of happy and missing her! I know there is nothing better and it brought great comfort to read how much Shauna loves it so much! I know that Carly will be the same. I so hope that Carly gets to be with her some while they are in the MTC. Shauna will be an incredible missionary!

  2. AWW i love that obedience quote! yay for hermana sargent. she is amazing missionary!!