Monday, March 14, 2011


How are you all? As I write this email I am just so excied because I know that soon I'll be seeing you all in person. Yay!

Right now I'm spending my last pday in downtown. The district wanted to get together at Pizza Hut for my last hoorah. So we just ate there. It was fun.

So how was your week? For me, this past week has seriously been great. I'm pretty sure it's gone faster than any other week in my mission. We have been teaching a ton, doing splits with the members, having fun FHE´s and really just talking to and finding so many prepared people. I love how the Lord is constantly preparing people and guiding us in His work.

We have about three people who are really progressing and should be getting baptized within a few weeks. One of them is Lucia, a 22 year old who we actually just taught for the first time on Saturday. We went to her house on Saturday afternoon to meet with her sister but she wasn't home so we ended up teaching Lucia. Ends up, about a year ago she met with Elders in another area, moved and lost touch with the church. Yesterday morning we went to pick her up for church and she and her two kids were all ready to go and waiting. Seriously, that's the best...when people are ready and we don't have to clap a million times or drag them out of bed. She loved church and has good desires. Great lady.

Funny each night my companions and I are always just sitting on our beds writing in our journals. One night this past week we were sitting there and all of a sudden Hermana Paipa started screaming. Like, so loud. Seriously, I thought someone had like entered the apt or something. Ends up a gecko slash like lizard thing had crawled up her pants! Oh my gosh! We were all laughing so hard!

So, this is officially my last email as Hermana Sargent. Wait, sad. All I have to say is how grateful I am for this time I have had in Paraguay. I can hardly believe I'll be back in the states next week. Feels so unreal.

I love Paraguay. It is such a simple country. I love the Paraguayans. So loving. So humble and kind. I'll miss them. I love the gospel. Living it is the key to real happiness. I love the Lord. Never before in my life have I felt so close to my Savior.

I feel like the mission has taught me a lot. I've learned what joy is. The importance of obedience and discipline. The people here and my companions have showed me and taught me about patience, trust and love. I've learned that maybe bugs aren't all that bad, I can live without AC and that avocados can be huge! I've come to understand what our purpose in this life is and the importance of enduring to the end and honoring the covenants we've made.

I have learned that God exists and really is a God of miracles. I testify that He knows each and every one of us personally! He hears and answers our prayers. I have felt His love each day and have witnessed the love He has for others as they've applied the atonement in their lives. I know His plan is one of happiness and hope.

And this is why I love being a missionary! Because each day we are able to go out and talk, preach and testify to everyone about our Heavenly Father, His son and the restored gospel! These past 18 months have been a sacred time and a time I will always remember for sure. I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost that prompted me several times to start my mission papers. I almost ignored that voice. But I'm glad I decided to follow it. I realize that this is what Heavenly Father wanted me to do.

So, I have all this week to work hard and next Tuesday is my last day in Amambay. Early Wednesday morning I'll be in the mission office to start a day of activities (including going to the temple!) with President and Sister Callan and the other missionaries who are leaving. Then...Thursday I leave and Friday I'll be with you all! How crazy! Seriously, it just doesn't even seem real to me. I try to imagine it and I can't. I'll believe it when I'm actually there! Wow, even though I'm sad to leave I'm super excited to see you all!

I'm sure that mom is possibly planning some things for when I'm back.......umm, I'm wondering if mexican food and a good, thick like Ghiradelli status brownie can work their way into these plans? ¡¡por favor!! haha

Seriously, I love you all so much. I hope you know that. I feel so grateful to have such a supportive, loving family. Thank you for always writing me. Thank you for your constant prayers and love. You have all helped me so much and given me strength to keep on going as I've been here in South America.

I know that God lives, Jesus is the Christ and His atonement is real. I know that the gospel has been restored. ¡que seamos fieles y perseveremos para siempre para que podamos vivir en el reino celestial!


Eating Chupa's like a frozen popsicle for 5 cents...saves us on hot afternoons.

The entrance into "village" in my's a way poor part with shack after shack...
homes to about 50 families.

Pics of us with some grapefruit we picked.

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