Monday, July 5, 2010


Mi Chulina Familia,

"Hola que tal? How are you all? Ah, love you all. Hope you all had a good 4th! Sounds like you´ll all have fun celebrating today! Well, this morning we had a Zone activity. It was fun. Did a big group study together which always seems to be the best part, and then we watched a really good movie...The Lords Errand....on the life of President Monson. So good! Then we played a couple games! "

"Well what a week it has been here in Leopardi. Hna Potter and I set a goal at the beginning of the week to teach 60 lessons. It almost seems a little impossible to me to be honest...def pushed us...but with the help of the Lord and his daily guidance we were able to reach our goal and find plenty of new investigators we hope will progress! Okay, yesterday at church was awesome. Richard, who´s about 30 years old, came to church for the third time. Don´t know if I´ve mentioned him before, but about a month ago on a pday Hna Potter and I were walking back to our apt from Salemma and we heard ´chicas, chicas´....I didn´t want to look who it was, usually I don´t because they say something inappropriate, but we looked and there was this guy, Richard. He asked where the church was and that he had visited with Elders and visited the church in another ward and loved it but lost contact after a while. So anyways, he´s been to church three times now. It's kinda different from all of our other investigators because we haven´t taught him a whole lot...his schedule is crazy with work during the week. But yesterday after church we sat down and now he has a baptism date...for this Saturday! The 10th. Really, he´s a great guy. From Columbia, moved here to work, businessman, really smart...I am praying that all will go good this week and that Saturday will be his day!!"

"Okay, on a different note, I´ve been a bit sick this past week. Hna Potter was and then I got it. A cold. Ugh. The weather changes so often from hot to cold and so I think that's why we got sick. Saturday was basically horrible. My eyes were red and like waterfalls, my nose too...but the work went on. Sunday morning I woke up feeling much better....I feel fine today, I just don´t have that good of a voice. But it's def a lot better than a runny nose and eyes!"

"So I love how some of you have been keeping up with the world cup! Yay for soccer. Seriously, I´ve never liked soccer that much but now I´m like into it. Of course I can´t watch the games or anything, but its what everyone talks about here so we´re pretty filled in on whats happening. And especially since Paraguay was one of the top teams...woot! woot!! Okay, last Tuesday when Paraguay played we were on the bus coming back from our district meeting and everytime we heard fireworks and big shouts our bus driver would stop the bus to look at someones TV in like an outside restaraunt to see what the status of the game was. Seriously, like stopped the bus. It cracked me up! Soccer here is like peoples lives. But, too bad that Paraguay lost on Saturday :( I was really hoping they´d win. People were like wayyyy sad. But happy at the same time because it was a first for Paraguay to go that far!"

"This Thursday we are going to have a cooking night with the Relief Society sisters! We´re going to teach them how to make these scone/biscuit type things....its Hnas Potter recipe and really yummy! I´m looking forward to it. And we´re hoping that some of our investigators and lots of inactives will come too! Just another way to get people to the chapel!"

"So this transfer is a little weird because we´re not going to have zone conference. I don´t know why. I´m just assuming that President Callan is super busy. We do have our interviews with him this Friday morning which i´m looking forward to though!! And mom...thats prob when i´ll get my packages because i´ll be at the office...finally! Yay!!"

"But ya, i´m hoping President Callan will give me a clue what will happen next with transfers. I´m almost positive that I´ll be leaving Leopardi...but at the same time...I feel like I´m staying. I just really don´t know what will happen....the mission is full of surprises! Honestly, I want to stay in Leopardi. I love it here! This ward, the people, the neighborhoods have a special place in my heart...and always will. It's where i´ve had my first real missionary experiences. Where I´ve learned Spanish with the help from all the patient members, my latina companions and our investigators. I´ve seen miarcles. I have made some of my very best friends. Here is where I have shed tears through times of difficulties, of gratitude, and because of laughing so hard. It's a place where I´ve really come to know my Savior more than every before in my life. He lives. I can´t even express how grateful I am to have had such a long time in this ward. I LOVE this area. But, as transfers approach....I know that the Lord knows best. If changed, I´ll be excited to go to a new place, meet more people and make more memories!"

"Well familia, I love you all lots! I´ll be writing next Thursday...the 15th of July........most likely from a new area, with a new comp, and I´ll be a year older too! Eeekkk! ha!"

"Muchisima gracias por todo de su apoyo y amor mientras estoy serviendo aqui en Paraguay."


Paz y Amor,
Hermana Sargent

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