Monday, May 3, 2010


"Can´t believe it's May! Seriously, I remember thinking back in November that February would never come....and now its May! Where have the months gone? Crazy crazy. How are you all? Sounds like you´re all busy and doing good. Things are great down here in Paraguay. This past week was really good! We have seen an overpouring amount of blessings from the Lord. Hna Jara and I are ´being purified´...a challenge from Pres. Callan to all of us missionaries. I have already seen and felt a difference just within this past week. We have worked a ton with members this week and reached our goal....we had 28 lessons with a member present! The members are such an awesome support. It's really great because lots of our invesigators have a friend in the church now. It helps them progress. As a result, we had a good number of invesitigators at church yesterday..yay! Jorge Mongez has attended church twice now and has a baptism date for May 14th. yay!"

"My testimony of how our Heavenly Father hears our prayers and helps us has been strengthened throughout this past week through small and simple experiences. For instance, during the siesta here it gets pretty ghost town. At times it is difficult to find people to teach. Tuesday it was 4pm in the afternoon and we still hadn´t had one lesson for the day. Appointments had fallen through, weren´t home, people didn´t want to listen, etc.. We decided to say prayer asking for help and guidance. We then came across a road that we hadn´t clapped at in quite a long time, if ever before, and the people were willing to listen. By the time 6 o´clock came around we had taught 5 lessons and found new investigators. The Lord heard our prayers and definitely helped us out! Also, on Friday I felt so sick...I think I may have drank bad water or something the night before. Not really sure. After our lunch appointment we went to pick up a member who was going to help us out. I seriously wondered if I´d be able to walk all afternoon, I felt so weak. I went into the bathroom to say a prayer asking for health and strength to do the work. Within minutes of my simple prayer for help I felt totally fine. What a blessing and an answer to my prayer it was! The Lord blessed me with health and we were able to continue with His work. He really does help us out daily. With little things like this, with investigators, what we should teach and share with them, etc, etc! everything!"

"So, there is an older sister in our ward, she is the YW president, who is sick and hasn´t been to church recently. Her 21 yr old daughter passed away a year ago and since then she has dealt with depression and now is physically suffering as well. A group of about 20 or so of us met up last night and went to her house. All scrunched up in a tiny little room, holding hymn books, we sang hymn after hymn to her to perhaps help cheer her up! It was such a sweet little experience."

"So, I now have been in Paraguay for 6 months. And it shows in my shoes. One of my black shoes has a hole in the bottom now. Eeek!"

"Been enjoying lots of fresh fruit and thinking of Kayla these past couple days. Lots of members have mandarine, grapefruit and orange trees and are always filling up a bag to give to us! yummmy!"

"Another funny parrot story. We walked by a house the other day and Hna Jara told me to say hola to the parrot, so I said hola and immediately the parrot responded with a hello! I don´t know if it always says hello or could tell from my voice that I´m different! We want to pass by another time and have Hna Jara say hola to test it out!"

"Well familia, I love you all so much! Thanks for your continous prayers and fasting as well. We have seen a great progression with many of our investigators this week. Its been awesome!!"

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