Monday, May 10, 2010


"IT WAS SERIOUSLY SO GOOD TO TALK TO YOU ALL YESTERDAY!! I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT! It was just so refreshing and good to hear all of your voices, laughs and everything inbetween. It is crazy how that mothers day phone call has come and gone. Next--Christmas. I have a feeling it´ll be here before we know it! Time seems to pass by faster and faster. But anyways, seriously, loved loved talking yesterday!!"

"Well, today has been a really fun pday. It's now 3:40pm....but this morning Hna Jara and I met up with Lourdes (20 yr old in our ward) at 10 and we headed to Villa Elisa, a city about 25 minutes away on bus, to do some shopping! It was so much fun to be in a different part of the city. Where we were there was one big avenue with a bunch of supermarkets and a few little hole in the wall boutique type places as well. It was fun just to shop around, talk, and hang out. I felt like I was shopping with my best friends. Well really, I was! Lourdes and Hna Jara are both just so fun! Love them. Hna Jara was in search for a blouse to wear when she goes home and found a cute one. I splurged and bought a purple pen...ha! But also I bought a straightner......because the second or third day here my straightner overheated because of the different outlets and got destroyed. But now that it's cold here and I´m not sweating all the time I can actually straighten my hair some times and look somwhat decent! ha! After we shopped for a while, we ate lunch at this plaza type place..I ate cow tongue for the first time....eeek!!!. But ya, it was a plaza that had a movie theater, food court, and supermarket. Definitely more ritzy than my area for sure! It was fun! We also ran into some Elders there along the main street....some of them had had a meeting this morning in a chapel nearby. Always good and fun to talk with other missionaries."

"This Saturday is Mothers Day here......not sure how people celebrate. I´ll find out shortly I guess. Holidays here are really simple. No gifts. Just family visits for the most part."

"So, we kinda have a problem in our ward. One of the members, a male member, is acting really strange. I think he is mentally a little unhealthy. It's sad. But he has been sending bad texts to all sorts of members in the ward, including us. He thinks all the members are against him and takes small, little things and turns them into huge problems and gets offended very easily. He has tried to call us several times, but we haven´t answered. He has been spreading rumors about the members and us as well. All lies. We talked to the Bishop about it because as missionaries, especially sister missionaries, we can´t really sit down and talk with him or do anything about it. So the Bishop is going to talk to him now that we and many members have told him. I hope it ends up okay."

"Okay random, but for some reason our hot water has turned off in our apt....of course now that its cold outside!! Burr..a real one! It's been like this for the past few days now. This morning I couldn´t handle another cold shower so I ended up heating water on our stove to use bathe with. I felt like a pioneer or something.....ha!"

"I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Seriously.
Thank you for everything!! I loved talking with you all so much! SO GOOD!! You are all the best!"

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