Thursday, December 17, 2009


"Okay, so...when it rains here not only do bugs come out but frogs too! and I mean BIG frogs!! I thought one was a statue until it hopped away! it stood 5 inches off the ground. Big. Everynight I go to bed to the sound of frogs and wake up each morning to birds and parrots chirping and talking away. Oh Paraguay!! Seriously, sometimes I just laugh to myself and think where am I?!"

"Hello! So you´re all prob wondering why I didn´t write on Monday...well, Sunday night my district leader, Elder Park, called and told us because of transfers this week pday would be Thursday. Weird. Don´t really know why! But ya. Transfers were changes for me. I´m really grateful I get to spend Christmas here in this area..I love the members and our investigators!! least 6 more weeks here! I´m pretty sure Monday we have another pday..thats what Elder Park told me today at least!"

"Well, this past week and a half has been awesome! We´ve taught a ton and have had success with finding new investigators. The Lord helps us out so much. We really do see little miracles each day. For example, one of our investigators, Fabian (who is nothing like the model guy mom!) was robbed earlier last week and his cell was taken...making it really hard for H. Castaneda and I to get in touch with him. Well, Saturday morning during companion study H. Castaneda just happened to look out the window at the right time to see Fabian walking across the street. We ran down the stairs and quickly greeted him and set up an appointment for that night. Fabian is one of those people that has a question for everything and has been hesitant about baptism. We´ve really been praying for him to understand, accept and know that this is the true church. Saturday nights lesson was great with him and he attended church this past Sunday for the 3rd time in a row! Both he and Luiz, his cousin, have interviews this Saturday at 4 with Elder Park for their baptisms next week!!! Its awesome!!"

"Last Tuesday, the 8th, I had my interview with President Callan at the mission office instead of district meeting. Pres Callan is awesome. We talked for about 15 minutes....about our families, missionary work, the culture, the language, my testimony and he shared with me the key to a successful the people! It was a very uplifting interview. He is so kind and encouraging. It was so nice to just talk with someone! He´s a great leader!"

"One day this past week I had my camerea while at the Caballeros house. Laura and Guarani Kaleb were dancing so I took a video....they thought it was the absolute coolest thing to watch themselves! We took video after video and they were laughing SO hard. It was quite presh to say the least. I love love the kids here!! They always teach me little handgames which are fun to play with them.....I´ll have to teach all my nieces and nephews them when I get back!"

Shauna and "Guarani Kaleb" (Kaleb because he reminds Shauna of
her nephew, Kaleb). "I LOVE this kid! Notice their home-very humble.
That room with the table is their kitchen (no fridge or stove or anything).
The room we are in sleeps six people! Def a crowded little house! But the
Caballeros are some of the most generous people I've ever met!"
"So Spanish. its....coming?! I don´t know! Ii feel like I´m understanding better but talking is pretty rough still. Every day has its up´s and downs! "
"Every Thursday our ward gets together at the chapel....crafts, soccer, primary activities, we´ll stop by there. H. Castaneda, me and a sister from the ward are going to practice singing Silent Night to sing at the ward christmas dinner next Wed night! oh...and guess who gets to be Papa Noel for the Christmas dinner?? Me! ha! Everyone wants me to be because I´m tall and white! How funny is that?! The little kids will love it! And mom, i think i´ll pass out the christmas pencils then! :)"
"Well, the work here is good. Lots of teaching, lots of walking, lots of heat and drinking water, lots of potential investigators and lots of being continually amazed with the Lord and His blessings. He really does help us out so much...everything from a gust of wind on a hot afternoon when I think I can´t walk down another cobblestone street to allowing us to find a prepared people to teach! The Lord is with us every day...and not just with us missionaries, with you all as well! With everyone!!"

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