Monday, December 21, 2009


"This weekend was pretty good. Saturday Luis and Fabian had their Baptism interviews. Fabian is good to go...his baptism is tomorrow at 730pm! yay! However, Luis needs a couple more weeks to prepare and change some habits. His struggle is with drinking. He's been doing so good but Friday night I guess some of his friends came over and peer pressured him..not a good situation. Sad. I hope that we´re able to help him out! He really does want to be baptized but it's just hard!"

"Okay, so I think I´ve gained like ten pounds this weekend. ha. Everyone has been feeding us! Must be the holiday season?! But seriously....lots and lots of watermelon..which is like the cool thing to eat here....someone bought us pizza, Hermano Cabellero made us steak yesterday (it was good, but no firebirds :) ) last night this lady in our ward served us milk and rice in a mug. It was...different...but i kinda liked it! People here love to feed the missionaries I guess!"

"Oh....FYI....bug bite count....uh..i lost count over 40. For reals. Ahhhah!"

"Well, I´m writing earlier than normal today because this afternoon we have our Zone christmas activity..(not on the 25th anymore) at a chapel about 30 mins away from 1 to 4. should be fun!! I wonder what we´ll do?! Don´t know! Then tonight at 6 we´ll head out for appointments. One of our appts is with Griselda..she has 3 kids (one is a 3 year old boy named evan!) and her husband works in the US. She met with the elders over 3 years ago and we just happened to meet her on the street a couple weeks ago. She has been progressing and always reads out of the Book of Mormon so I´m excited to meet with her tonight! Hopefully she´ll be home!"

12-21-09 Zone 4 Christmas Activity!

12-21-09 Zone 4 Christmas Activity!
Making Christmas Cards.

12-21-09 Zone 4 Hermanas!
M. Lozano, Shauna, Castaneda, Valente

12-21-09 Shauna and Hermana Casteneda
Christmas card made at Zone Christmas activity.

"Yesterday afternoon we did splits with 2 girls from the ward. I was with Andrea, a 20 year old. We clapped at a lot of doors...found a 21 year old girl, Maria, whose first question was why are there so many churches? Talk about a perfect set up for a lesson about the restoration! I´m excited to teach her again...she seemed pretty receptive to our message! Oh, and while we were teaching we were sitting on a bench and there were 3 baby parrots just sitting on the bench as well! They were so pretty...i´ll send you a pic!


"Parrots! aka - Evan, BK & Gunner :) (Shauna's nephews)
They just sat on this bench with us as we taught! PRESH!!"

12-18-09 Shauna, Crecencio, Gabriel
"Cutting a watermelon in Paraguay for the 1st time! It was
kinda hard with the knife they had! These 2 guys, who are members,
were laughing so hard at how I cut it! Turned out okay though!!"

"You asked about Hermana Castaneda. I have found out that her parents are seperated. She is closer with her mom. I just found out today that her mom doesnt have email so she only gets snail mail from her mom and not that often. Sad!! But, she has a younger sister who she emails every week. And sometimes she says she gets emails from her brother. She hasn´t recieved a christmas package and says they don´t do presents in her family. So i´m putting together a little christmas gift for her....with some stickers I have, some of my stationary, a ´gift certificate´for ice cream and just some other random things.....and am going to add it to my presents which are nestled by our baby christmas tree! I think she´ll really like it! At least i hope so!"

"Well family, I LOVE you all so much! and miss you. HAVE A GREAT AND VERY MERRY, FESTIVE CHRISTMAS WEEK!! Can´t wait to talk!! The church is true!! Until later this week.....yay...
Paz y Amor,
Hermana Sargent

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