Monday, November 9, 2009

Travel Plans--last MTC letter!!

October 22-29, 2009

-Travel plans came a day later than expected. Here is her itinerary:

Nov 02
DELTA #130 Lv. SLC, UT 8:30 AM
Ar. ATL, GA 2:13 PM
DELTA #101 Lv. ATL, GA 7:40 PM
Ar. Buenos Aires 7:50 AM
Transportes Lv. Buenos Aires 9:40 AM
Aereso del Ar. Asuncion 10:20 AM

-She has a four hour layover in Atlanta and she can call everyone (family) and she says "of course, I'll call in SLC that morning too! YAY for flying through Buenos Aires!!"

-Her last week was a busy one. She can't believe how the past eight weeks have flown by! Of the MTC she says..."The MTC has been exhilirating, hard, SO fun, exhausting, an adrenaline rush, and everything else combined!!"

-This week they have had departure and safety, language and getting ready for the field. Sunday afternoon they will have a departing devotional with the MTC president. "Should be good."

-Her eye is "totally fine." She says "No mas ojos rojos por mi!" :) Still using the eye drops, but is wearing her contacts.

-Trust Shauna to find a way to have fun on Halloween..."There is a group of us sisters that all have those 'Jody' dresses...the long floral 'ish' ones...and none of us have worn them yet. We're more like blouse and pencil skirt type sisters. ha. But on Saturday we are all wearing our Jody dresses to dress up like the "typical sister missionary" for halloween. Glasses, Jody dresses....the works. We're pretty excited about it. I love how the little things are so exciting to me here at the MTC, haha!" ...I'll bet nobody even noticed. I'm pretty sure they'll blend right in!!

-This past Tuesday was devotional. Shauna and her district were all hoping an Apostle would visit since it was their last devo. She says, "So, we're sitting in the gym waiting for whoever is speaking to enter. The doors opened up, and Elder L. Tom Perry came walking in. It was AWESOME!! Of couse, everyone stood up as he walked in since he's an Apostle. The Spirit was
so strong. He spoke on how to be a better teacher and learner. I think it got everyone pumped up for the mission field! It was really good."

-Sunday will be her mission conference. The MTC holds them on Fast Sundays. She is really looking forward to that.

-Her plans for Monday morning are to meet at the travel office at 5AM and bus up to SLC.

-There are six Elders from her district that are traveling with her as well as another Hermana and Elder from another district. She is happy to have another Hermana to travel with. Their plans are to eat a bunch of American food at the SLC and Atlanta airport!

-Four days at the MTC and "then Paraguay, here I come!!" Shauna is sad to leave all her friends but so excited to get into the field. She says, "Not going to lie though, I am a little nervous and scared to get down there. I am nowhere near being fluent and it's weird how this time next week I'll be immersed in Spanish in a third world country with just me and my companion walking the streets. But again, I'm SOOO excited. It's going to be hard at first, but it'll be an adventure. I can't wait to meet the people down there!"

-"Well, I love you all. Gracias for all your letter throughout these past 8 weeks. I'm so BG to have such and awesome family and friends!!! Can't wait to chat with you on Monday!!

-She ends, "Yo quiero compratir mi testomonia con ustedes que Jesus es el Cristo. El es nuestro Salvador y por medio de la expiacion podemos regresar con nuestro Padre Celestial despues este videa. !Este es una cosa buena! Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta y por el plder de Dios El tradujo el Libro de Mormon. Este evangelio es uno de felicidad. Y el solamento iglesia verdadero en el mundo. Estoy muy agradecido y amimada a compratir este mensage con la gente en Paraguay! Pas y Amor, Hermana Sargent"

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