Monday, November 9, 2009

Field Trip

October 15-22

-"I bet you are dying to know about my eye!! The MTC Doctor said it didn't seem like anything serious, but since I was leaving to live in a third world country soon, I should get it checked out by an opthomologist. So, I went to the front desk to get an appointment made and that's when they called you! And don't worry, I started to cry too. I was like just like oh my gosh, you are talking to my Mom right now! It was just so weird how we were like so close but so far. I'm glad you heard me shout out 'hi mom' though! Anyways, after she called you, she called the opthomologist and they said to send me right there. So, Hermana Green and I rushed to pick up Hermana Denker from the tutor (when we went to get her some of my elders saw me and could tell I had been crying and were like 'are you okay?' I was like ya, my eye is fine but I miss my mom and explained to them how they just called you! I'm such a baby sometimes!! I think they felt really bad for me because when I went into the classroom later that day I had like three chocolate dove bars on my desk from them to make me feel sweet!) and my comps hopped on a little shuttle and it took us about 10 minutes away to a really, really nice doctors office in Orem. It was SOOO weird to be outside of the MTC. We were all loving the "field trip" though. Anyways, so I saw the doctor, he said it's just a small eye infection from wearing my contacts so much. So, he gave me antibiotic drops and I'm wearing my glasses for the next five days. My eye is already like not red, guess it really just needed to breathe a little bit. But ya, I'm glad it was nothing serious and that it's taken care of. He also told me to wash my eyelashes and eyes with baby shampoo...any brand. They don't sell that at our MTC bookstore, so could you send me some??? Gracias!!!

-Played sand "volibol" with her district during gym time!! "So fun!"

-Hermano Latimer, one of her teachers, taught her district how to do "this cool fingersnap thing." The elders caught on right away, but "it's taken me this whole time to figure it out. I guess I'll show you it in like sixteen months!!:)"

-Shauna has been reading and studying the Book of Alma this week. She loves it. She says, "Gets me way pumped up to be out in the field!"

-She was happy to hear that mom had been able to talk with Sister Renchers mom. Sister Rencher's home ward is Dyans (Shauna's sister) ward in Gilbert. Her mom shared information on what her living conditions were like, when their pday was, how long she got to use the internet, her first impressions, and how she was already loving her mission. Sister Rencher and Shauna were in the MTC together for just a few short weeks and Sister Rencher left for Paraguay. She said, "I LOVED hearing about all that!!! I shared the letter with a couple of Elders going to Paraguay with me too! Got us sooo stoked to go!!

She ends with, "We get our TRAVEL PLANS TONIGHT!!! So excited!!! Doesn't it seem like my mission is going by super fast already?? It seems so unreal that I'll be outta here in ten days. Sometimes I'm like trust me to go and teach people about the church?!! Are you sure?! But, then I realize that the Lord will help me so much and that really, the Holy Ghost is really the one who will be doing the teaching ....I'm the instrument."

-She expresses "Gracias for all of your letters, love and support."

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