Monday, October 18, 2010


Hola! How are you all? So another week has passed on by. Sounds like you all had a great fall break! It' been a good week here. We are teaching a ton and finding people. Now the hard to get them progressing! As missionaries we really have to create that spiritual environment and help our investigators feel and recognize the spirit. We are studying and practicing the 8 lessons that the General Authorities recently came out with that focus on helping us become better teachers so we can better help the people.

So this past Tuesday we had interviews. It was a little crazy because 2 zones showed up at the office at the same time because of a mix up so we were in the office for 6 hours that day waiting. It basically turned into a zone activity. It was a lot of fun. And of course I enjoyed my interview with President Callan. As a mission we are really trying to get the members more involved in the work and he gave us some pointers on how to do so. Yesterday morning in ward council we were talking about the ward mission plan and our Bishop suggested that the goal should be each member leaves with the Elders or Hermanas once per year. Once a year!! Our RS presidet jumped in fast and said the goal should be once a month! Much better! Our ward really is a good ward. Has a a reputation for being one of the most organized wards in Paraguay. Now we just need to get everyone on the same page and the work will really take off!

Oh my gosh, so our old Zone Leader ended his mission this past change and his parents, from UT, came to get him. So this past Wednesday the Grau family, an older couple from Spain, who we eat lunch with every Wednesday, invited him and his parents to eat lunch with us and the 2 current zone leaders working in Amambay. I can't even describe the situation but basically it was so funny. There were 2 people from Spain, their Paraguayan niece, missionaries from Argentina, Chile, El Salvador and then 4 of us North Americans. Basically, all communication had to go through me and the other North American Elder because we were the only ones who knew both English and Spanish. It was so funny because I think Brother Grau, who is 84 years old, forgot that the parents couldn't understand him but he'd just talk and talk and talk telling them about the Paraguayan history and such and they just kinda sat there and nodded their heads. I don't know...I guess you just had to be there! It was funny!

Okay, so i'm sure you all have heard about the miners in Chile? Was it a pretty big deal up there? Earlier this week it was what everyone was talking about! The whole situation was just crazy....and a miracle that they all made it out. Ysterday our Bshop gave a really good talk on how we need to rescue our "miners"...or lost sheep. He pointed out how there are many people stuck...looking for a way out, want to get out...but don´t know how to. We should be concerned for them and looking for any way possible to help them. We can be part of the rescue team!

So one part of the mission that I'm really grateful for is how I've been able to make such good friends. The start of this change started off to a shakey start but this past week with Hermana Machuca has been so good. I've learned that communication is key. I've also learned that when it's hard, that is when I need to pray to love them and serve them even more. It's when we are open, both obedient and set goals is when the companionship is good and the work goes well. I'm pretty sure the mission is like a marriage prep class!! Haha!

So next Monday is Hermana Machucas bday! Yay! I'm sure we'll be eating some cake! Also, next Monday we don't have pday....because Tuesday we get to go to the TEMPLE!! It's been over 8 months since I've gone so I'm basically so so so excited! Also, this Sunday we have stake conference....broadcasted from SLC to all of Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina....lots of things to look forward to!

Well, I'm here in downtown Asuncion right now! We came to do some shopping and just look around! Seriously, I love the little markets here. It is just so fun being around so many people and talking to all the Indians selling their handmade things! I want to buy everything but def have to limit myself! We're just about to go grocery shopping and head back to our apartment now.

Okay family, I love you all! You're all the best!! Have a great week!!! Gracias por todo de su apoyo y amor.

Hermana Machuca and I on the busride to downtown this morning!

So much fun stuff to buy at the market!

Artwork on a side of a highrise here in all the cool artwork!

Us helping Fatima with her english and math homework!

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