Monday, July 19, 2010


"Hello! Sounds like you´re all doing good and prepping for LJ!! Wow…weird that I won´t be there. But, proximo ano si o si. Make sure to boogie board, eat a cheese shop BLT and lay out for me."

"Well, this past weekend went by fast. I continue to enjoy serving in here in Amambay. It has been cold! Cold! Cold! these past few days. Today it's finally sunny and somewhat warm ish out. But seriously, its been like 40 outside, which isn´t like Rexburg or NYC cold, but walking around all day, teaching lessons under umbrellas, having soaked feet from walking in the streets/rivers and being able to see your breath inside of houses because they don´t have heat just puts a chill to the bone! In our apartment we have 2 little space heaters that basically don´t do anything…but oh well! That’s the mission for ya. It's always an adventure!! I have thought about Skye the past few days and wondered how he served in Alaska for 2 years…wow…couldn´t do it!"

"So…our investigators are great! 43 year old Gloria had her baptismal interview yesterday and everything is set for Saturday evening! She is really great. She has seen her 2 boys, who were drug addicts, totally change their lives around because of the Gospel. They all have such strong testimonies. Also, we have 2 others with a baptism date….Renato who is 18 years old as well as Antonio who is 86 years old and has 18 cats in his house!! Eww. But he is so great, loves the hymns and has a desire to be baptized. So, hopefully all will go well! Hermana Cozzens and I feel like doors are really opening here for the work to move forward..such a blessing!"

"I loved meeting the ward yesterday. It's very different from Leopardi. There are a lot more older people and lots of families that attend with their grandparents, their kids and their grandkids. Definitely a more wealthier, sophisticated type crowd. I felt so spoiled yesterday....the chapel is a lot more like how a chapel in the states is..more than one piano, nicer chairs, big stand...I seriously kinda had forgotten how nice some things were. And the thing is, it's still not as nice as like the chapels in the states, but pretty close. I kept on telling Hna Cozzens, wow, I feel like I´m in the states! haha. The Bishop is way nice, I´m excited to work with him more, as well as our ward mission leader. There seems to be a lot of good leadership and Priesthood in this ward. Like, our gospel principles teacher is the ex stake president and also one of the temple presidency counselors is in this ward..I need to talk with him about the Huffakers! I´m really excited to get to know all the members better. There are so many new faces and names to learn! They really were all so welcoming yesterday."

"Okay, mom asked me some questions...I´m gonna write the answers....
I recieved some Dear Elder bday greetings. I´ll probably get more at our next district meeting...which I don´t think we´re having tomorrow....sad...but next Tuesday!"

"Hna Potter is now with Hna Plessl, from the states who is a little more older in the mission. Don´t really know her that well but they should be good together. It's always sad to say goodbye to a comp. It's like ya, we may have not been best friends or gotten along the best, but we shared some great times and experiences together, saw miracles. I´m grateful for the transfer I had with Hna Potter but I was ready for a change as well."

"Since I basically knew that I was going to leave Leopardi I actually started packing up the weekend before transfers and organizing all my stuff so it wasn´t too bad. I fit everything I wanted to. I did leave some of my clothes behind for some of the young women and my young single adult friends."

"Haven´t heard much Guarani here in Asuncion. Definitely more in Leopardi I think. I´ve heard in some of the more wealthier areas here that Guarani is like looked down upon since its an Indian language. But igual no mas....voy a compartir en mischi mi con la gente aqui. They always smile and let us in the door if we say like 2 words in Guarani. It works."

"Yes, saw some of the elders from my MTC district at the terminal last Wednesday. Always fun. It's really fun to see all the other elders who I´ve had in my districts here as well. Is seriously just like one big reunion and everyones just talking to everyone and trying to catch up in the little time we have. It's fun."

"We now email from just a little internet cafe."

"Love having black shoes without holes. Yay for that!!"

"Having a comp who is new to the mission field really doesn´t change too much. It's like I´m the senior companion but honestly, that really doesn´t mean anything. We work together. It's fun because she is pretty new to Paraguay still. Just hit her 3 month mark here and she had a Latina for her trainer so all the things she really didn´t understand or know she always asks me about. It's cute. And okay, speaking of the Hermana who was her trainer.....she made some sticky situations here in this ward. Wasn´t totally obedient, didn´t get along that well with the elders who serve with us and some of the members and didn´t make the best use of their time. Basically, the whole story is just long and weird. But, it´ll be good to get things back on the bright side here. Hna Cozzens has a desire to work hard, find those prepared people, fix/better some situations and have fun along the way! She told me the other day that she's smiled and laughed more in the past few days than her first 3 months here. Chulina. Seriously, I really like Hna Cozzens....we just really seem to get along and I already feel like our companionship is pretty unified for just having days together no mas. I feel like she's a friend from college and we´re roommates or something...but doing the missionary work! It's fun!"

"Well the work continues to go on! I'm enjoying the adventure of a new area. At times I feel so inadequate and like ugh what am I doing...don´t know anyone or where I´m at....but I know the Lord will help me out as long as I turn to Him for help. He has already given me a patient companion to show me around! Well, we already did our grocery shpping for the day....and right now we´re going to take a 20 minute busride to the centro/downtown, grab some lunch and do some shopping! Hna Cozzens wants some warmer clothes....and I´m always up for a shopping trip :) I´ll have to take some pics and send them your way next Monday of the Centro. She says its full out like city, we´ll see."

"Well fam, he hecho un libro ya. jeje. pero quiero decirles gracias por todo. I love you all lots and miss you tons! Have a great week!!!!!"

Loves de Asuncion,
Hermana Sargent


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