Monday, May 24, 2010


"This past week down here has been great! Here are some ´roses´ from the week...."

"This past Tuesday morning we had interviews in the office with President Callan. I don´t know why but it was the best interview I´ve had with him yet. We talked a lot about the conversion process...for investigators and for us as members as well. I just love the Callans!"

"Okay, we had special splits and I got sent up to the Paraguay Asuncion North mission to work for 2 days this past week. I felt like I was on a missionary field trip or something! Hna Jaras younger sister is serving in the north mission so the Mission Presidents from both missions gave them permission to work together before my Hna Jara leaves for Peru. Such a sweet experience for the 2 of them! So ya, on Wednesday morning I went to their area and was serving in the Cocuere branch until Thursday night. My comp for the two days was Hna. Tsoesi from southern Utah, near Moab. She has about a month longer than me in the mission...we were actually in the MTC at the same time but never met. I was surprised how at just 40 minutes away how there was such a different vibe. Definately more campo/rural and by far a poorer area. Mostly all dirt roads instead of cobblestone, saw literally shacks for made me feel really spoiled to be serving in my area. I met a lot of members and investigators...all very humble, so friendly and welcoming. It was weird, I felt like I had met some of them before and it was like a reunion or dejavu. I also enjoyed just talking to Hna Tsoesi and hearing about the north mission and how things are run. I feel really grateful for the opportunity I had to see more of this beautiful country and meet more great people! Oh and I remembered that Taryn Salmon served in the north mission so I asked Hna Tsoesi if anyone ever talks about an ´Hermana Salmon´ since people always remember and talk about the missionaries here. She told me that when she was serving in her last area, Moroni, there were a couple families that would always talk about Hermana Salmon! So you´ll have to pass the word along to her!"

"We are possibly having a baptism this week! 17 year old Pedro has been to church three times now and is progressing. He has a baptism date for this weekend but the thing is...he may be moving to argentina to work. Eeekk. He doesn´t know the details yet and so we don´t either but we are praying that he´ll be able to be baptized!"

"We have found a ton of new investigators within just the past few days. Some which came to church on Sunday. Re buenos. Hna Jara and I talked about things we could do better, things we learned from our ´north mission comps´and from Pres Callan and set goals and have really been working hard to achieve them. We really have seen miracles and the Lords hand in this work to lead us to more people to teach."

"Okay, this is a random ´rose´ but I ate McDonalds french fries this week.......there is a Mcdonalds near the mission office in Asuncion so afterwards we stopped in to buy something real quick. I´m no big fan of Mcdonalds, but I have to admit.....they tasted really good! A little taste of home."

"I´ve been reading/studying in 3 Nephi when Christ was in the Americas and taught the people. I love this part in the Book of Mormon. Perhaps my favorite part, or for now at least :). My favorite part always changes!"

"Today for pday Hna Jara had permission from Pres Callan to visit her converts from the past year and a half. So Andrea Aquino, a 21 year old in our ward, drove us to all different parts of Asuncion for Hna Jara to say a final goodbye to people. It was a lot of fun for me to see different areas and possible future areas where i´ll serve!"

"We have zone conference tomorrow with our Area President/General Authority, Elder Bowen. We have to be at the office at 715am! Eek...que temprano....but i´m so looking forward to it. Should be a great conference!"

"Okay, so....along with these roses there is one thorn....knowing that Hna Jara will only be my comp for 8 more days. I seriously wish she could my companion for the whole mission. She really is a best friend of mine. Next Tuesday at our district meeting we´ll find out about transfers. President Callan told me in my interview that I´d be staying in my area...but i don´t know who will be coming to Leopardi to serve with me...eek! I´m kinda nervous about it...but I know that whatever happens will be right!"

"Well family, the mission is great. This is the Lords work and it continues to move forward day by day. The Gospel is true. I feel so blessed and grateful to know that and to share the truth."

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