Thursday, April 22, 2010


"Okay, well transfers came and went. I´m still here in Leopardi with Hermana Jara! I´m pretty sure I´ll be spending lots of time in this area...especially because this Hna Jaras last transfer...she ends her mission on june 2...which means I´ll most likely stay another transfer after this one to show another Hermana the ropes of this area. Almost always at least one person of a companionship stays in the area because to be ´whitewashed´ is very difficult here in Paraguay for 2 new hna´s or elders to try to figure their way around in a city that doesn´t have street names or anything! But anyways, I´m happy to be here. I did have a brief moment of feeling kinda sad that I didn´t get transferred....I feel like everyone else is getting switched around a lot, new companions, new areas, new people and I´m still here in my first area. But, the people are great here and it´ll be fun to be with Hna Jara for her last 6 weeks before she heads back home to Peru. The thing that really gives me comfort and feelings of ease is that the Lord has a plan and knows best. I have learned that over and over, but at times I forget still....I need to always keep that in mind! Hermana Jara and I have set goals for this transfer..we really want to see baptisms! We have progressing investigators....those of ´gold´ that I referred to in my last email. But, we need to find more. Lots of work to be done. The Paredes family who I´m pretty sure I mentioned is continuing to progress. They are great. Speak more Guarani than Spanish which is at times tricky but they are nice to transalte to Spanish for me! Hermano Paredes told us how just last month he was telling his family that he didn´t feel totally right about their church they´ve been attending for years now and how he wants to leave but isn´t sure how to since he has a Bishop type postion in their church. Their family has told us how us showing up at their door has been an answer to their prayers. They are progressing and learning lots but still, the thing they are having trouble with is totally leaving their church. We are helping and encouraging them. They really need to gain a testimony of the truth and that will confirm to them that this is the true church where they need to be!"

"So, last month we came across Lourdis, an inactive member who is 20 years old. Her house is almost at the limits of our area in the more jungly part. She was baptized 8 years ago and has been inactive for the past 5. We´ve been visiting her often and she has come to church the past 3 sundays now! She even volunteers to help us out to have lessons with a member present. She´s awesome! She told us the other night how she has felt a reconversion to the gospel and can´t believe how happy she feels now! Its' great to see people stengthen their testimonies of the gospel."

"Okay, this past week was hot and humid again. I was spoiled after a week of nice weather and then summer hit again. I´m hoping that this is the last of the heat. When it's hot..the bugs come out like crazy! I counted and have over 20 bites on my left foot alone! For reals. !Que mucho! We don´t have many bugs in our's just always from being out on the streets and in others peoples houses! Last night there was a huge, huge thunderstorm...I thought our window was going to shatter! I´m hoping winter comes soon!"

"Last night we had a great missionary work centered activity at the chapel. Kinda of like a missionary work 101 activity. There were only about 15 of us there, but it was still good. For people to enter into the building we had a ´reference box´and the ´cost´ to enter was 1 reference. David Canete, our mission leader, is seriously awesome and helps us so much. He talked about the ´good news´ we have as members and how we need to share it with others. Hna jara and I talked about the importance of working with members. We had little activities, like for example we had people give good and bad examples of how we should greet investigators at church (it was funny!). Our goal as a ward for this next week is to have 25 lessons with a member present. We usually have about 15ish. We made a big calendar for people to sign up when they can help out. We´re excited about it. Seriously, members are so important in the work and I think the people that were there last night are pumped up to help in the missionary work!"

"I get to call home in like 2 and a half weeks for Mothers Day...YAY! Since I´m still in the same area, I think you´ll be calling the same number you did for Christmas! Back at Christmas I thought May would never come...and here it is, just around the corner now."

"Ok, funny Spanish mess up. Yesterday I asked a lady...¿quien vive con usted..sus ojos?...which means, who do you live with? your eyes? I quickly corrected myself and said hijos...which means kids...but for some reason ojos came out and not hijos. Don´t know from where or why, but ya, made for a good laugh!"

"Today is pday. Cleaned our apartment this morning before studying. Right now, after using the internet, we are going to get our hair cut! Yay! It's been over 8 months for me. Eek. The salon we are going to is here in the Salemma shopping center. It's probably the nicest most American like salon that I´ve seen here in my area. We went in to ask how much a haircut cost....18mil guarani...which is equal to just over $4! Can´t believe how cheap things are here. I hope they really just trim my hair and not do anything crazy. Eek!"

"Well fam, I LOVE YOU LOTS! Thank you for your continous support, love, letters, emails, prayers and for everything! I know I say that every week, but really, I mean it! Thanks for everything!"

"The church is true!!"

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