Monday, April 5, 2010


"How amazing was Conference?! We were able to attend both sessions yesterday. The bus picked us up at our chapel at noon....of course getting people there was a bit crazy...last minute we did splits and were running up and down the streets with the Aquino daughters to pick people up. Our ward had a really good turn out though and we also had 3 of our investigators come. Yay! Nestor, who we have been working with for about 2 months came. It was seriously a miracle. I still can´t believe it! As we say here...´poco poco´...little by little! Also, Maria Cristina, who is the mother of the Bishops wife--who is going to be baptized this Saturday!--came with us as well. Teaching and working with her has been combined effort between us and the Elders who are serving in the Barcequillo branch who also meets at our chapel. Her house is just barely in the boundaries of the branch but she wants to and has only been attending our ward for over a month now. Not sure what will happen after her baptism. She´s a great lady. She has seen how the gospel has brought happiness to her daughters family and after being catholic her whole life realizes she needs to be baptized another time! We are happy for her!"

"Okay....back to was SOO good! I remember when I was younger thinking two hours was such a long time for one session but now its like I can´t get enough! Before it even started there was such a strong spirit. I loved being with so many members. Our bus showed up at the stake center and there were about 4 other busses with members all piled in and unloading entering the church! It was quite a sight. A memory for sure. I was able to watch the first session in English in the primary room...with about 10 other American elders and a young woman from another ward who knew English and wanted to be my companion. Between the break the Relief Society had brought food for everyone and then the second session started at 5. Watched that one in Spanish. I just loved all the speakers and their messages! The choir sounded amazing. I really enjoyed both President Uchtdorfs and President Monsons talks from the morning. How blessed we are to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today! I know that they are men called of God and that their guidance and direction is specifically for us in these latter days from our Heavenly Father. Their words are true and I already can´t wait until October!"

"This past Wednesday we had interviews with President Callan at our apartment! He and Sister Callan have been wanting to see exactly where all the missionaries are living so they decided to have interviews in our houses this transfer. My interview with President Callan was quick, but good. The first thing he asked me was if Hermana Jara was staying focused since she now has less than 2 months on her mission to go! We also talked a little about the power and need of the Book of Mormon and how the work is in my area. I always really look forward to and enjoy interviews. President Callan is great and so in tune with the spirit."

"The weather is changing here! Since I arrived in November a day hasn´t gone by where I haven´t worn sunscreen...but I think I can finally think about tucking it away now for the season! Yesterday it was like 75 degress and everyone had sweaters on and drinking their matte to stay warm! ha! Last night I slept in my sweats and hoodie....we´re not used to this chilly weather!"

"Okay, I seriously love having Hermana Jara as a companion. She´s awesome. Such a good example to me in so many ways. She really is a good friend. We have a lot of fun together! Transfers are in 2 weeks from Wednesday...the 21st...time flies by huh? There is a very big chance that I´ll be leaving...but I want to stay with Hermana Jara for her last change in the mission and with the members in this ward! I love them!"

"So the other day I was thinking about our recent converts....Fabian, Daniel and Oscar. Before their baptisms these 3 men had little to no work or income. Jobs are hard to find around here. However, all 3 of them have good jobs now. It really is an answer to prayers. And strengthens my testimony of how the Lord really does bless us and will help us when we follow in His ways!"

"Zone conference is tomorrow...yay!! I feel like I´m on a conference high! P. Callan encouraged us to study PMG chapter 1 to prepare. I love chapter one...which talks about our purpose as missionaries. I´m looking forward to tomorrow!"

"Well familia, things are really good here in Paraguay. I love the mission. I love my companion. I love the people. I love the Gospel. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to serve."

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