Monday, March 22, 2010


"Mbaéchaipa! That is Guarani for how are you?! Hermana Jara knows quite a bit of Guarani so I`m trying to learn...but its weird! And I still really need to focus on the Espanol. However, she has a Guarani hymnbook so sometimes we´ll sing hymns to our investigators and members in Guarani! It's kinda fun!"

"Okay, we have a baptims this week! Friday at 730pm for Oscar Ortiz! YAY! After he didn´t show up to church last Sunday we were a bit worried....but when he found him at his house on Tuesday afternoon he told us he wants to be baptized! We have met with him a bunch of times this past week to prep him for his interview this Wednesday with my district leader. Oscar is seriously awesome. He participates in the classes at church and really has a desire to live the gospel. When teaching him things like tithing, fasting, the word of widsom and ask him if he´ll complete the commandment he says its common sense and its no big deal if its what the Lord is asking him to do. He really understands and has a testimony. He truly has been prepared by our Heavenly Father. I´m excited for him!"

"As for others that we are teaching....we have a big pool of investigators....some progressing. We are hoping with patience, love, dilligence and most importantly--with help from the Lord, we can help them know the truth and lead them to the waters of baptism as well!"

"Okay, so seriously I feel like Hermana Jara is an answer to my prayers. I love her! We have a lot of fun together and work well together too! She is such a good teacher and a great example to me. With Hna Jara I feel like we really rely on the Spirit when teaching to meet the needs of the people. None of our lessons are the same...and that' how it should be!´d like Ha Jra...she is always singing along to our music in our apt! ha! She's just a fun, happy person..and I like that! Nat asked if she knows English....the only English she knows is what other North American missionaries have taught her. So not much at all! It's def 99% Spanish for us."

"Yesterday at church, Fabian, one of my converts, gave his first talk in Sacrament meeting. It was awesome! When he was up at the pulpit in his white shirt and tie speaking I was thinking about how much he has changed these past 3 months since he was baptized. When we first met him he was bitter about life, didn´t think God loved him, didn´t have a family etc, etc. but now, he is so happy! He is a ward missionary and helps out alot with visiting people. It makes me happy to see him with his family now too--his ward family. The gospel really has changed his life!"

"Oh! So Friday afternoon we ventured into the jungle slash campo part of my area. You guys wouldn´t believe what its like! It's seriously so different. I love going there though. An inactive member works at some like cow farm there so we went to help out a bit and talk with him. They were milking the cows and seriously, after seeing that, I don´t know if I ever want to drink milk again! ha! I was thinking the other day, the Campo is fun...but deep down, I´m a city girl
still! " :)

"Okay, has anyone read the March Ensign?? (its the Liahona here, but pretty sure its the same). We just got ours this past week and all the articles are so so good! I really enjoyed the little article ´Nobodys Perfect´and also reading the article about the law of and importance of fasting! So good!"

"Lots of fruit on the's all really green still but in another 2 or 3 months it´ll be great! I have seen lots of grapefruit and oranges!! Yay for that! "

"The work continues to go on here in Paraguay! Estoy agradecida por este opportunidad de servir mi Padre Celestial y compratir este mensaje de felicidad con la gente aqui. Se que este iglesia es verdadera y que el evangelio fue restaurado. Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y Redentor. El Libro de Mormon es un libro verdadero. Families son eternas!"

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